Monday, January 18, 2021

Poppystamps: Greetings from a Whittle Sloth

 I'm on the Poppystamps blog today showing off the brand new Whittle Sloth.

1.18.21 PS Whittle Sloth

Since the pandemic, my mother-in-law has been staying home.  She has always been a very busy, very extroverted lady. Even in her mid-80s, she volunteers for multiple organizations.  But besides her age, she has other conditions that are keeping her home.  She won't even let us visit. It's a small thing but I get a card sent out to her at least once a week.  I know she appreciates them because she has sent me pictures of her very full fireplace mantle. A card in the mailbox is a change of pace to the long hours.  But it occurred to me recently that most of my cards for her have been florals or leaves.  It was time to change it up.  And I picked the sloth just for her!

1.18.21 PS Whittle Sloth Close

All details on this card are on the Poppystamps blog - check it out!


Stamps: Poppystamps Whittle Love Sentiments

Dies: Poppystamps Swaying Birch, Whittle Sloth, Orchard Leaves, Small Blooming Poinsettia and Colwell Label Set, Memory Box Double Stitch Rectangle Cut Out

Paper: Memory Box Delicate Pastel Glitter Pad (for flower centers)94

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  1. How sweet of you to think of her every week. She's going to love this one, it's adorable!


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