Monday, May 13, 2019

Taylored Expressions: A Boo-Boo

My son who is away at college called a month ago and started the conversation with "Are you sitting down? I don't want you to panic."  That's never good.  The next sentence was "I was riding my bike and was hit by a car." I realized immediately he was in good enough shape to be calling me so I did not panic.  And as it turns out, he had a minor case of road rash and the bike was totaled - but otherwise, all is well.  After being a good, sympathetic mother - I did end the call by explaining why he should never start a conversation that way ever again!!

Interestingly, he and the driver of the car were moving very slowly - but both had looked over to a severe crash that was happening on the other side of the median.  I think he was more shaken up by seeing the other crash up close and personal.  I wanted to send a card but I wanted it to be a bit silly - just to bring a smile.  I knew I had a sentiment that had just the right tone in Taylored Expressions Listen to Your Heart, then I flipped through my Taylored Expressions collection and found a "grumpling" in Grouchy Grumpling that had just the right expression.

Taylored Expressions: A Boo Boo

For the background, I used the Triangle Toss stencil.  I masked off a square area, then I lightly brushed on Granny Smith, Salt Water Taffy and Confetti Cake.  I put the stencil on top and put a heavier layer over it of the same colors. It gave my little goat some ground and sky but with a quirky look.

Taylored Expressions: A Boo Boo

He's OK.  I visited him a few weeks ago.  I could still see the scrapes on his legs - but he's already purchased a new bike.  I picked him up for lunch, then dropped him off at a friend's house where he had left his bike the day before and I last saw him pedaling back to his apartment!



  1. Oh my! Crazy! I'm so glad he's okay...and I think it's awesome he's already back on his bike :) And funny that you told him he should never start a conversation that way---my husband has had to tell me that before. I rarely call him at work, so when I do it'important and he's encouraged me to start with "everything is okay" to prevent any panic attacks on his end. Love your card! It's perfect and I bet your son really appreciated it :)

  2. Wow! Kim! You achieved the perfect card for the occasion! It's so fun and cute at the same. And what a great design! Love! Love! Love!

  3. Oh my gosh, glad he's ok, that's a scary phone call! I think this card is perfect for him after his ordeal!


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