Friday, August 10, 2018

The Paper Players: Unsupervised Child

I had a couple of sets on the corner of my desk that I just had to use - and they were absolutely perfect for the current challenge at The Paper Players: Humorous.

Here are Fluffy Friends and Binge Worthy.

Fluffy Friends

I love these - that is so me.  I am not an adult when it comes to my treats.  I'd take a Hostess Ho-Ho over a gourmet brownie.  My favorite treats right now are SweeTarts Whipped & Tangy Chewy Bites (They are not easy to find so I'm guessing other adults aren't as enamored of them as I am and they will soon be a thing of the past.)  Don't even get me started on need for potato chips!!  So I feel like that "unsupervised child" - and unfortunately, my cheeks look a bit like the bunny's cheeks!!

Fluffy Friends Flat


FYI: I used a frame from Frame in Frame 2 but I cut it down a bit.  I cut about half of it, then slid the die down to shorten it and cut the other half.


  1. This is just gorgeous,lovely image and

  2. You are too funny and this card is too cute! Have a great weekend!

  3. Kim...too cute! Love the images and the sentiment! Thanks so much for joining us this week at The Paper Players!

  4. Unfortunately, I can identify with this sentiment!...and it's not funny...

  5. This is hysterical, I LOVE this, Kim! That pretty much sums up my diet, and your scene of goodies + critter is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing with us at The Paper Players!


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