Monday, April 18, 2016

Taylored Expressions: A Diploma in 2016

The newest release from Taylored Expressions included a die for a diploma. I immediately realized it's the same size as the numbers in the Just a Number die cuts!

KimAPRIL2016Grad WM

Everybody has cards that they find difficult to make. For me, it's graduation cards. Having a 20-year old and a 16-year old myself, the difficulty is that it is a serious occasion - but the recipients are still children at heart.  I liked using the diploma because it adds just enough whimsy that I think the "child" in the graduate will enjoy it.

KimAPRIL2016Grad CloseUp

This is a card that works well if you have graduates from a variety of schools. You could do an elegant black and white version - maybe add some gold, or you could easily do each one with their school colors. I like doing school colors - but have you noticed that many of the high schools have really ugly color schemes. Sometimes it's just easier to stick with black and white!



  1. oh yes! So clever and perfect Kim! LOVE it! Makes me wish I needed a grad card! lol

  2. Oh my gosh!!! You are so clever!!! What a brilliant design!! Perfect in every way, Kim!!!

  3. One of my favorite grad cards ever Kim!!

  4. This speaks to my inner child for certain! What a brilliant idea!!! I think this is one of the best graduation cards ever, and I just might have to CASE it for my granddaughter's graduation this spring. This is wonderful, and I applaud your inventiveness!!! Love it! Bev

  5. What a cool way to use the dies. Great card, Kim. Hugs xxx

  6. I love the clever way you've used the paper scroll in the date :)


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