Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taylored Expressions: Heart Filled with Thanks

I am so ready for autumn.  I think I've said that on every post recently.  The weather here is cooperating - August is usually insanely hot, but this year it's been cooling off at night so that the mornings are wonderfully crisp and cool.

Leaf stamps and leaf dies are one of the biggest parts of my collection.  They are great for spring in soft greens and a few sequins as dew, and for summer in brilliant greens with bright flowers. They are perfect for fall. I particularly love these Mega Leaves dies by Taylored Expressions because of the veins that emboss while you are cutting.  I pulled out a piece of paper from the Carta Bella Fall Blessings paper pad and started matching colors for this colorful autumn "bouquet"!

TE Mega Leaves

Here's a better view of the veins.  (Ignore my glue smears in this close-up!)

TE Mega Leaves Close

I am surprised that I used that particular piece of patterned paper as my least used color is mint and this has a very minty background.  But I really liked how the rich fall colors looked against the mint, plus I loved that it had some teal leaves in it as a surprising contrast. 

The blue sequins were an afterthought.  I should have taken pictures without them.  I had arranged and rearranged the leaves about 50 times - yes, I am totally obsessive.  For many of those I actually snapped a picture with my phone so that I could put that arrangement back together if I decided I liked it.  I finally settled on one and I glued it all together.  But as I looked at it on the final card, that blue leaf had so much "weight" it seemed to pull the whole arrangement downward.  I tried tucking another blue leaf in at the top but then it looked too "regular" - like it was bookended in blue.  I ended up with the sequins - it gave it the weight but kept it as a random(?) grouping of leaves.  Probably not worth the time or effort - but I like the final result!


The leaves are a mix of cardstocks to match the colors in the patterned paper.


  1. I think it was worth all of your time and effort Kim, it's so pretty!!

  2. Your arranging and rearranging paid off with a lovely fall-leaves card! The mint strip of paper: brilliant choice! As for the blue leaf: I love it! Whenever I look at a bunch of leaves - whether on trees or the ground - a 'standout' always appears in some fashion, be it a leaf not fully turned to its autumn finery, or one that has a deeper/lighter colour than its companions. Your blue leaf is like that: it stands out in the most lovely of ways, while still being part of the lovely arrangement. Does that make sense? It 'attracts' rather than distracts. My point: I LOVE this!

  3. Love the paper! It is a perfect fit ... And I am a green girl! I am soooo ready for spring. We have had our coldest winter for five years. I knew it was cold! Hugs xxx


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