Monday, December 22, 2014

He Knows!!

Last week, I made an obnoxious Christmas card for my 18-year old son.  Today's card is for my 14-year old.  Both use the great Santa and sentiments from Tis the Season, Essentials by Ellen.

He Knows

As soon as I saw the sketch at retrosketches, I knew I need to use it for this card!

As of this morning, I am coasting into Christmas!!  Cards are mailed, presents are wrapped.  I finished a last minute pair of knitted, felted slippers (which my guys requested only two days in advance!).  Then we had our last holiday event last night and it was wonderful.  Does anybody know what lefse is?  It's a Scandinavian potato flatbread and a holiday wouldn't be complete without it.

Yes. I know it looks just like a tortilla.  But it's made of potatoes!!  Eaten hot with butter slathered over it - it's heaven.  (We are NOT a family who uses sugar or jam on their lefse - that's a huge cultural dividing point when it comes to lefse!)

This year, we found another family who holds the same tradition and they had us over for a lefse-making party!  Lefse is a multi-day process and involves its own set of tools.  The potato dough is made the day before and rests overnight.  Then each piece of lefse is rolled out using a corrugated rolling pin.  An official lefse stick is used to move it from the floured surface to the lefse grill. After it is cooked, we layer them in layers of white dishtowels.  Each family had their own set of lefse gear so we had two assembly lines going. We also each have our grandma's recipe - this year we used their recipe and, with apologies to my grandmother, it was better than the recipe that we use.



Andrew, my almost 19-year old, wasn't much help.  Before the festivities, we had a classic South Dakota/Minnesota Lutheran potluck meal - hot dish using canned soup, green jello with fruit cocktail, and wonderful, huge, handmade bread rolls right out of the oven.  Andrew ate a few too many rolls....

And this is what happens when male teenagers and young men help with lefse-making.  Can you see the handprints in my blurry photo?

It was a wonderful evening and now I am going to finish typing and go enjoy a piece of lefse for breakfast!

I have linked the Spellbinders Square Large dies but I have my Large and Small sets mixed so I'm really not certain which would you give this exact size.  Each set is in 1/4" increments - so you can cut this frame with either set. (Adding the second set gives you dies at 1/8" increments.)


  1. Oh, I haven't had lefse since I was just a little girl. My grandma made it for special occasions. It was amazing... although I ate mine with jam... :) Fun memories and great take on that sketch!

  2. What fun and great card, Miss Lady!!

  3. Another great card for your boys Kim, a perfect take on the sketch!! This looks and sounds like a yummy traditional food. How fun to cook with another family!

  4. I love your card, makes me chuckle.
    What a fun tradition!

  5. Looks like you all had a great time. I love the hand prints!! And another great card with that fun stamp set!

  6. Love your photos and your evening looks like you all had so much fun. And your card is just too darn cute. I love those stamps and your totally rocked this challenge. So fun.

  7. What a fun tradition! Thanks for sharing the photos! Hugs xxx

  8. We are also Lefse makers, always a day of family and fun... But we like sugar and cinnamon on ours!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I haven't had Lefse since I left South Dakota too many years ago to count. I'm surprised my son, Eric, who is really into his Swedish heritage, hasn't tried to make it. (last name Lindbloom). God Jul!

  10. The card is adorable Kim and they traditional Lefse looks and sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us at RetroSketches--Merry Christmas!


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