Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Erik!!

It's a birthday day in my house today - Erik turns 15!  Last night he had some friends over and I learned that teenage boys are even stranger than I thought.  After dinner, they entertained themselves tuning root beer bottles and playing "Smoke on the Water". I could actually recognize it.


Since all the boys still sleeping, I sat down to make a birthday card.  I wanted to use Stampin' Up's Dotty Angles as confetti and I started with some bright, neon colors.  This is not the card that I am using for Erik.  When I got done, it just doesn't look like him - in fact, I think I'd use this for a girl.

Celebrate in Brights

I realized that the obvious answer was to use red, blue and gray.  Everything he asked for for Christmas and his birthday had to be in red, blue and gray - flannel sheets in red and gray, flannel shirt in blues, robe in all of the above.  The only exception was a pair of Dockers in Curry??!!  So I made the same card, but in his preferred colors.  Sadly, cards for my kids just don't get the time and attention that I give to other cards.  I don't like the gray embossing card - it gets lost.  I don't like that the blue and red embossing powder combining to make purple.  I don't like the crooked bow.  And if it weren't for photo editing software, you would see that I had a lot of dot smudges when I was making the three dots above the sentiment.  But it's for a teenage boy, so he gets it as is!!  (I'm a terrible mother.)

Celebrate in Red and Blue

These cards are based on the current sketch at CAS(E) this Sketch.

Besides clothes and sheets, my little aspiring chef wanted a meat smoker.  We liked that idea as we get the full benefit of it until he has his own place (in the distant future) and wants to take the meat smoker with him. He opened the smoker on Saturday since his cousins came over to eat cake and their presents were wood chips and rubs for the smoker - it kind of gave it away.


Here is Scott and Erik preparing and seasoning the smoker for its first use.


Then yesterday morning they purchased nine pounds of ribs and started experimenting with rubs.


Seven hours later, here are the results!!  I think I'm going to like his present!!



Celebrate in Brights:
The embossing powder is by Zing - I used Neon Purple, Aqua and Cricket

Celebrate in Red, Blue and Gray:
The blue embossing powder was an unlabelled bottle that's been in my stash for years.


Happy Dance said...

Two fun cards, and I'm sure Erik will treasure his 15th birthday card always! And a meat smoker??!! How cool is that?! Those ribs look delicious - you'll have to keep us all updated on all of his experiments! Very cool. Makes me want to ask for one for my birthday too, lol! Happy birthday to Erik and Happy New Year to you all! Bev

Cindy Beach said...

I think the photo of the bottles is hilarious and it sounds ike it was a happy occasion.

I love your cards Kim! Aren't we always hardest on ourselves? The neon dots are fabulous!

~amy~ said...

Yay for birthday's and awesome that you have a chef in the household!!

Both cards are so much fun...thanks for the inspiration, I haven't inked up Dotty Angles in awhile.

Tenia Nelson said...

Erik is 15 already??? Holy Cow.....Tempus Fugit!! Wonderful cards and awesome pics!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad you ended up with a girl version of this cute card too!! Terrific gift for your future chef ~ look out Food Network :)

Linda Callahan said...

Fun card.....both ways! On a ski trip ages ago we ate in a place in Dillon CO called The cook your own steak......that started my son's love affair with grilling, smoking and now using something called The Big Green Egg......I just show up for dinner.....

Jill Norwood said...

Great cards! And my mouth was watering looking at the smoker results! Yummy! Enjoy and Happy Birthday to your son!

Hannelie said...

I know you didn't ask... but the kraft with pops of blue, purple and green just stole my heart!
2 great additions to the gallery at CAS(E) this sketch Kim!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Hannelie said...

Oh yes and... happy birthday to Erik!

Kim Heggins said...

Love your cards but those ribs look so so yummy, I can almost smell them through my monitor. Wishing Erik a very Happy Birthday!

Bobby said...

What an unexpected gift request for a young man but it's wonderful that he is so into cooking. Love both of the dotted cards.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

You are not a bad mum! You HAND MADE him a card wrapped in a whole lot of love! And ... I am in totaly agreement. Male recipients NEVER notice the "ooopses"! Hugs xxx

Leigh Penner said...

Fabulous cards, Kim! I love your takes on the sketch!

Chrissy Larson said...

Happy birthday, Erik! What a great birthday gift for the whole family! Yum! I love your cards, Kim! They are as fun as you are. ;)