Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Catered Crop II: Wonderful Friend

I posted a friend card yesterday for the current challenge at Catered Crop: BFF.  I commented that everybody needs friendship to send just because your friends are wonderful.  As I was filing the card away in my box, I had the sad realization that I didn't have any friendship cards ready to go.  So, as I was playing with a new purchase from Papertrey Ink - I made sure that the sentiment was for a "wonderful friend"!

Wonderful Friend

The Papertrey Ombre Builder set was fun to use.  It was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but it has such a wide variety of patterns I am certain it will be a regular on my cards!

I have to give credit to Lisa Arana's current Wanna Sketch.  I had created the ombre background without her sketch in mind (and it actually has a few more stripes than the sketch), but then I got stuck as to how to make the card special.  Lisa's sketch gave me the idea to place some flowers on the left and add a simple sentiment strip.

I also used the colors from Papertrey's July Inspiration Archive.  I thought it would give the feel of a green lawn with colorful flowers and sky in the distance, or perhaps a sunset.  

OK, friends - now I need something from you.  My youngest - my very active and athletic youngest - has injured his knee.  We've been to a pediatric orthopedist and simply got a referral to physical therapy - which, by the way, we can't get into under our insurance for a month.  But Erik's pain level is very high - I know my son, he can usually tolerate pain.  We bribed him to get up off of the lounge chair in the basement by taking him to get a deep fat fryer. (I know, it's odd, but he's quite a chef and has wanted a fryer.)  He hobbled through the store, then when he was home and figuring out the fryer, he fainted from the pain. He's stuck on the basement lounge chair watching TV and is really spiraling into a funk.  He had big plans for when he starts high school next month and he is realizing that the year isn't going to be what he had hoped.  We finally convinced the orthopedist to see him again Friday and he has already scheduled an MRI (in two weeks). We also are going out of insurance for physical therapy to a highly respected guy (who can't see him this week because he is busy climbing Mt. Rainier!)  I know that so many of you deal with so much more, but my guy could use your thoughts and prayers.  The knee will get better, with a lot of painful work, but I am equally worried about his mental state, particularly on the verge of starting high school.  (And I could use a little patience too!)  Thanks!
  • Stamps: Papertrey Ink Ombre Builders, Mini Blooms, Think Big Favorites #4
  • Paper: Papertrey Ink Summer Sunrise, Smokey Shadow
  • Ink: Papertrey Ink Aqua Mist, Summer Sunrise, Terracotta Tile, Limeade Ice, New Leaf, Smokey Shadow
  • Accessories: Hemptique 10-lb gold twine, Doodlebug yellow enamel dots


  1. Your card is fabulous! You have my prayers and if you'd like an encouragement card sent, go to my blog. I have an email me button.

  2. I LOVE your card, Kim!
    You have my prayers as well. Sorry to hear what your son and your family are going through. Hugs!!!

  3. Your card is FAB as always and I can't wait 'till I get my packake from the USA/ PTI!! And Yep, I ordered this set too, way out of my comfort zone, ha,ha.
    But as for your worries, I think all mothers can relate to your feelings.
    And it's a good thing to share with other people/ friends so we know what you're dealing with.
    Not easy and not to mention painful for your son!
    At this age, when they're starting something new, the teenager stuff they have to deal with, must be difficult at times for him and all of you.
    I do hope he has a couple of dear and true friends who can lend a listening ear or just show up to spend some time with him!
    Distraction is always good! Not only watching tv.... maybe if he could do something useful which he can do sitting on a chair or sofa, that could be of some help?
    In the Netherlands, we have an online community for children who are seriously ill for a long period. This way they can communicate and find someone who understands them and their feelings.
    But then again boys/ men act differently when in pain!!
    I do hope and pray that you'll find the strength to get through all this and that your son will heal in time! Here's little quote that has helped me in times of trouble....
    “Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    ― Francis of Assisi

    And of course loaaaaads of patience! Try to approach things from a humouristic point of view, helps to soften the raw edges a little. ( sorry for my Dunglish but I'm sure you get my point!) :-)


  4. ps. If he's interested in cooking, baking, maybe he can do just that! let him help you cleaning veggies, slicing potatoes etc! Maybe knead some dough, or let him bake bread, cakes etc! Nice as a give away, set up a little business, start his own blog with heavenly recipees for kids/ teenagers! I'd love the know what he can cook up!!! :-)

  5. What a super cool design! Love the black floral cluster with colorful BG :)

  6. Whta a pretty background Kim and the black looks very elegant on it! I'm so sorry to hear all your son is going through. I will keep him in my prayers. Along with you...having been the mom of a teenage son I know where you're coming from ;)

  7. Wow, Kim, this card is a stunner! I love that background with the black flowers layered on top. Another perfectly composed card. I don't know how you do it each and every time, but I LOVE all of your cards. Thank you for being inspired by wanna sketch!

    BIG hugs and my thoughts are with you and your son. I sure hope he gets the help and relief he needs soon. Poor guy, you know it is bad when fried food doesn't help. :(

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's knee injury and that he's having such a tough time. I will surely be praying that he will find the patience to see this through and come to the realization that this won't last forever!

    And if I could just say that I waited patiently for the picture of your card to load in my Inbox and as my computer was doing its thing I was watching TV. I glanced at my computer just as the pic was finished loading and I'm pretty sure that my jaw dropped and I let out a little squeeee of delight! You have made that Ombre Builder stamp set look amazing. I have no idea what I would do with it, but you certainly do. Well done!

  9. Stunning card, Kim ... you've used the Ombre Builder to perfection! Good thoughts and prayers winging their way to you and your son. Anita :)

  10. Your card is amazing, as always. I'm sending thoughts your way for your boy. It's so freakin' hard to see them in pain and feel so powerless to make it all better. So . . . sweet thoughts to you, too. xxoo

  11. I just love this! I may have to get that ombre builder set, now! Striking card!

  12. Awesome card, Kim! You reminded me I was going to work that sketch into a card sometime soon!

  13. Your card is, as all of them are, so incredibly pretty and inspired. Whoever receives this: mega watt smile guaranteed! As for your son: my heart goes out to him! The combination of pain, the 'unknown,' the spiraling into a funk is not pleasant for anyone, especially him. For what it's worth: my husband's niece - a track and basketball athlete of high calibre - tore her ACL on her first ever downhill skiing run. Out of commission, and the wait to see the specialist (also an accomplished, renowned sports-injury doctor, and sports enthusiast himself) took months! She wound up requiring surgery, and plenty of rehab; she paid close attention to what the doctor and therapist told her - and now, she's 100% healed. Not an easy journey, but one she weathered. As for your son: brightening his spirit is key to his recovery. I know you've likely covered the basics - trying to get him out of the basement and into the fresh air - but that would be my #1 piece of advice. Conversations, time spent in his presence, going for drives...anything to distract him from being 'in' his head too much. Hopefully, the appointments will provide direction and goals! Prayers and positive vibes definitely heading your way! Being 14 is challenge enough without this added to his plate. You're an awesome mom for seeking help for him!


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