Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Change in Direction

It's only been a few days since I posted, but so much has happened, it feels like forever.

About a week ago, we decided we had to leave our church.  It's a long story that I don't need to bore you with, but it's a church and church-family that we have been part of for sixteen years.  Our children were baptized there, we have been active volunteers and leaders in many different ministries, I play piano for all the services - it's been our church home.  It wasn't a place we wanted to leave, but things aren't right there.

From a cardmaking perspective, the biggest change for me was that I have been part of the church's card ministry for a decade.  My mom started it and, upon her unexpected death, I continued it.  Virtually every card that I have made has been for the church, and for every card that you see on this blog, there are another five or six that you never see.

So, I'm feeling a little lost.

I love making cards, but suddenly I don't have a reason.  I know...I enjoy it...and that counts for a lot.  But after a decade, this is a dramatic change.

What does everybody do with the cards you make??  I would love suggestions.

For now, I have decided that my extra cards (beyond design team duties) will be focused on Christmas cards because I know that I will need them.  I'm definitely not saying you won't see more...I can't ignore all of my other fun toys.  I'm just trying to figure things out.

So...the first thing that I am doing is playing along with Merry Monday and I definitely hope to play consistently throughout the remainder of the year.

Merry Monday

I don't actually own anything on this card.  I have a VERY good friend, who has a VERY large collection!!  I apologize if I don't have the right names for everything in this recipe.  (That's also why I don't quite match the sketch - I only had the scraps that I brought home with me.  In fact the patterned paper was actually cut for the 4.25" dimension.  I had to cut it in half and piece it together behind the ornament!!!)

  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Ornament Keepsakes, Petite Pairs
  • Ink: Stampin' Up Cherry Cobbler
  • Paper: Stampin' Up Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla, the stack of smaller papers in the Holiday mini
  • Accessories: Stampin' Up Ornament dies, scallop border, oval and scalloped oval, and a new embossing folder from the holiday mini.


  1. Kim, I know how hard change can be and I will pray for you in this time of transition. As for your cards, have you considered Operation Write Home? I've sent lots of cards to them and it is a great cause (I have several relatives serving abroad and I am close to this cause.) I can share more info about it if you're interested...check out their website to start!

  2. This had to be a difficult choice for you and your family Kim, you'll be in my prayers. When you find a new church perhaps you could start the same card making community there. I think what your mother started and you took over is a wonderful idea. Or maybe nursing homes would welcome them. This gorgeous Christmas card of yours would certainly cheer many many people. Blessings to you and don't lose hope.

  3. Hi Kim, sorry you are going through difficult time.

    Like Judy I was going to say Operation Write Home. I believe it is a great cause. They will take as many or as few cards as you want to send. really I think the only stipulation that they have is no glitter, as that can cause safety issues for the soldiers. They have a website at www.operationwritehome.org.

  4. Kim, this post really tugged at my heartstrings! It is a huge change for you and your family, and I am sorry for you that you've lost that connection (but obviously it was the right choice). I donate a lot of my cards to fundraising efforts - I just keep an ear to the ground. Good luck finding a new church community that is the right fit for you. This card is absolutely gorgeous, and I can hardly wait to see the rest of the Christmas cards you create. Big hugs to you!! xx

  5. Kim, your story is heart wrenching. Such a big change for you and your family. However, if you look at all the beautiful and gorgeous creations that post on your blog regularly, you will see the truly gifted and talented cardmarker that we all see and that you are. Cards like yours are made from inside, from the heart, because it is what you do and do so well. There are so many organizations that would be thrilled to receive beautiful cards like yours. Women's shelters, senior's homes, hospitals, respite care facilities, children's hospitals and other churches to name a few. If today's Christmas card is a preview of what we are going to see in the future I can't wait! --Hugs

  6. Kim, I think your Mom's card ministry and your continuation of it was a great idea. I am sure you will find a new church home and possibly will think of continuing your efforts there. I love your take on Merry Monday. Creative use of the paper scraps! Take care!

  7. Here is a cause you could take a look at: http://sendasmile4kids.blogspot.com/

    We collect cards and give them to 8 different children's hospitals to cheer the kids and their families. All the info about our cause and also our challenges which bring attention to our charitable cause is under the tabs at the top.

    We would love to receive any cards you might want to donate. I blog every day myself and any cards I make not appropriate for our kids I usually donate to OWH for our soldiers.

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  9. http://www.operationchristmascard.org/Home_Page.php would LOVE your cards. May your heart find peace with your decision. ♥

  10. My suggestion: Operation Write Home.

    In addition, I'm sure there are local things you could do too - Ronald McDonald, local hospitals, nursing homes.

    I haven't started at the school here, but in a previous state I set up a box at school for the teachers to use - they loved it.

  11. Hi Kim, I believe that there is a reason for everything that happens in life, and a new beginning just around the corner. You are such a talented cardmaker, you will find your place, just give yourself the time to find it. Your card is beautiful and shows how talented you are using bits and pieces from your friend and achieving such a prety card. Best Wishes for the future.

  12. I have no ideas for your lovely cards that have not already been mentioned. Best wishes to you and your family choosing a new church and for you in choosing a very fortunate recipient for your very beautiful and creative cards!

  13. Hi Kim, sorry to hear about the changes. I'm sure it's been a huge wrench. However I'm also sure that you will move on to something even better.

    Your cards are wonderful and this is another truly gorgeous example. Open a card shop perhaps??!! I would buy them!!

    Aileen x

  14. Kim,

    You are so very talented and I'm sure you'll have no trouble starting up another card ministry once you find a new church family. In the meantime, you've gotten lots of great suggestions. I also want you to know that you inspired me to start my own card ministry at my church about 1 1/2 years ago, and every year it grows a little more.

  15. Hi Kim, Yes change is hard but Trust God and he will show you the way and I know your know that. Your cards are always beautiful so don't stop stamping. Hugs to you and thank you for your kind comments on my blog.
    Best wishes and good luck in your new venture. I hope you have a lovely sunny day. Bev

  16. Wow, Kim. I know that must have been a huge decision for you and your family considering what a huge part your church played in your lives.

    I don't have any suggestions that haven't already been mentioned. I definitely think carrying on your mom's legacy at a new church is a great idea.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to sell mine from my workplace. I don't make a fortune from them - it just helps to fund my crafting habit. :)

  17. Oh Kim, what a difficult time for you all, I can understand you're feeling very disheartened at the moment but I also feel you are a very positive person with a sunny personality, I'm sure this temporary gap in your life will soon be filled with something just as fulfilling. Onto your card, so beautiful and elegant. I must get organised this year and start making christmas cards soon. Take care. xx

  18. Hi Kim,
    So sorry for your pain . Others have recommended Operation Write Home and I recommend it too. They would love to have cards from someone as talented as you are. I am. New followed of your blog and love to see your creations.

  19. Hi Kim. I'm sorry that you've been going through a hard time. I've been there and it's a hard decision to make. Sometimes God leads us in a different direction. We just need to listen to His voice and all will be well. God has given you a gift and will show you ways to use it.

    I send cards to Operation Write Home and I know there was a recent call of a need for cards. With some of the troops coming home, people slowed up on sending the cards. Do check out their web site.

    This is a beautiful Christmas card. You always inspire. Thanks for sharing it with us at Merry Monday!


  20. Kim,

    Please take comfort in knowing everything happens for a reason...the good and the seemingly not-so-good. Be assured God has plans for you and your family. Waiting for the answer is not easy. Keep praying. Keep trusting. Keep going. Hugs!!!

    As for what I do with my cards. Every Sunday, I try to take some quiet time and think about those in need (lonely, isolated, unable to get to church, struggling, etc.) and mail a few out each week. Many times, I will include my two older sons in selecting recipients and sometimes they will end up making cards of their own. I feel like if I keep all the cards I make for myself, it's a selfish endeavor, but if I use my gift to encourage others in some way, I'm honoring my Creator. Hope this helps in some way... :)

  21. KEEPING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN MY PRAYERS.The choice you have made is best for your family and the journey for a new church will be guided by help from the Lord.

  22. I completely understand where you are at Kim...I woke up this summer and knew I needed to slow down in the card making world but it is tough. This is one gorgeous card! An idea for your cards is to send them to the Cancer Clinic, they can sell them as a fundraiser for research. Also, schools would appreciate them for thank you notes for parents and volunteers. Thanks for joining us at Merry Monday.

  23. Kim, God puts us where He needs us. I'm in the military and moving for me is normal and if I'm at one place longer than four years, I start feeling antsy. To top it off my duties change every two years. So when it comes to change, I might be a pro. LoL. I do know this, that there are times in our walk with Christ that something or someone's causes complacency and when God wants us to go in a new direction He shakes things up a little.

  24. Kim ... I feel for you ... Having been through the same thing only 10 months ago! I just want to encourage you by saying ... We have been so blessed by God in our new church home! We have been so welcomed & already started establishing new & dear friendships! The youth group has been a great thing for our youngest ... And we have had the most amazing preaching! So I hope God will guide & you will feel settled somewhere soon! Will be praying for you!
    Love the card! So bright and fresh! Take care! Hugs xxx

  25. Hi Kim! I'm sorry for the difficulties you've experienced that led you to leave your church home. It can't have been an easy decision but the right ones are often the most difficult.

    Aside from the cards I make for family and friend's birthdays and special occasions I donate all remaining cards to local charity drives. The organizers keep all profits they make towards their fundraising goals.

    For example, at work we have membership and fundraising drives for the United Way, our local Backpack for Kids program, Kids Help Phone, Movember, etc. I'll donate cards to those causes and will often make a slew of cards just for them (i.e. kids lunchbox notes for the Kids Help Phone drives). As you said, for every card you post here, there are 5 that nobody sees! :)

    Also, I will drop cards off at hospitals, local senior's homes or special care homes since I figure the residents or staff would like to give each other or visitors a special card every now and again.

    I also make pet type cards..."sorry for the loss of your pet", "congrats on your new puppy", etc for my local SPCA to sell. Every little bit helps.

    Bottom line is that you make gorgeous cards that any number of people or organizations would be thrilled to have them for their use or sale.


  26. I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving your church family, Kim. With everything else, please do allow for some time of grief. It is natural for you to grieve that loss after so many years. And like with any loss, major decisions (sometimes even minor ones) should be put off until you "feel" the time is right.

    There are so many wonderful suggestions from your other friends. The only one I also do is give my cards to the Gift Shop at our hospital for them to sell at whatever price they want. I just hand them over.

    I also sell at a little boutique, so that's a fun outlet, too.

    All good wishes, prayers, and blessings to you as you "peel this onion" and follow the new journey He has in mind for you.

    Just don't quit your hobby. You are too talented. I'll come and whomp on you if you do!!

    Hugs, Darnell

  27. Hi Kim!
    Love your card for this week's Merry Monday! Fabulous paper and just love that ornament die!
    Hang in there....things will work out in the end! I sell alot of my cards to family/friends and I also do a holiday craft show. It's alot of work but I enjoy it!
    Thanks for playing along with us this week over at Merry Mondays! :)

  28. Beautiful card Kim, I love the pretty ribbon and textured panel. There is always a place for handmade cards, you will find a wonderful place for them. Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday this week.

  29. Oh what a shame! Just now I found you and I was inspired by your work!
    I was so motivated by what you did in the church, God showed me a way forward as a strategy here in Spain. We misisonĂ¡rios in Madrid. And I will start a series of classes solidary cards. My main goal is to attract people to the church and make friends for a day at the right time to speak of Christ's love. My sisters in Christ in Brazil are sending me material such as donation, ribbons, buttons and other things. We will offer the material, the students will do and try to sell, then we direct the money pras families in need, there are people starving here with this crisis, many are losing their homes because of the mortgage.
    I mean you and your work blessed me and motivated me.
    May God continue using you, maybe a new phase in a different way. Do not be discouraged.
    Besitos y bendiciones


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