Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Poppystamps: Feline Good

In my area of the country, we recently had a record-setting blizzard - but then we had record-setting heat!  My indoor cats were thrilled with the open windows and ran from room to room watching birds and squirrels. They spent quite a bit of time at the front door watching the birds on the porch light until I realized I should shoo the birds away before they decided it was a good place for a nest (although my cats would have loved it!)

I was inspired by their antics and I'm up on the Poppystamps blog with full details and more pictures of the card that I created.

4.13.21 Feline Good


Stamps: Poppystamps Whittle Love

Dies: Poppystamps Grand Madison Window, Swaying Birch, Whittle Cat, Chirping Birds, Colwell Label Set, Fern and Daisy Pop Up Easel Set


  1. Adorable scene, this delightful!

  2. So darling! Of course, I had to come in for a closeup! Kim, the details on those dies are so wonderful - especially that cat, who looks as if he caught the canary!

  3. What a sweet card, Kim! That little scene is adorable and I love the cheerful color scheme you chose.


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