Monday, March 18, 2019

Taylored Expressions: A Hawaiian-Themed Wedding

I have a very interesting event coming up - and I love that I can create a custom card for it that's just right.  A wonderful guy at work - a bit older - is getting married for the first time. He and his fiancee dated in college and connected again recently.  They are doing this wedding their way - a Hawaiian theme in a Colorado mountain park with a group hike afterwards and the Hangry Ohana Hawaiian Barbeque food truck for refreshments!!  LOVE IT!!

So I needed a card for them that wasn't particularly frilly but still celebrated a wedding - with a bit of Hawaiian added in.  Luckily I have the Taylored Expressions products to do it!!


I put the bright colors in the background. The great part of putting the color behind the cutting plate is that there is still so much fresh white that it is clearly for a wedding!  The color in the background doesn't need to be done carefully either.  I literally sponged on blobs - then I did a quick sprinkle of black watercolor for the texture.


To formalize it just a wee bit - I painted the "congrats" with shimmer watercolor.  I also added three little sequins - but in a bright purple!!  The sequins come from a Halloween set (linked below) that I have multiple bottles of just for these purple sequins.  I also added quite a bit of dimension - it is a very thick card but I like the substantial look of it.


I'm ready with the card.  Now I just have to figure out what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding in the Colorado Rockies that matches my hiking boots!!



  1. Just wrap a lovely Hawaiian print fabric and create a long skirt to go over your hiking boots and pants! With a white blouse, bam!, you've got the perfect outfit, lol!! What a great card! I love the sound of their wedding, and you've created such a personal card for the event. The colors are so bright, and the foliage cover plate is perfect. Love how you've framed it, too. Beautiful wedding card. xo Bev

  2. Well this is just fabulous and perfect for the happy couple! Sounds like it's going to be a fun day!

  3. Wow! Love this beautiful card. Perfect for the occasion. Happy Dance has the right idea about your outfit for the day. I love her thinking. Enjoy your day!


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