Monday, March 11, 2019

Taylored Expressions: And So the Adventure Begins

A wonderful co-worker has resigned and he and his wife are moving across the country.  I can't decide whether to be sad (he was always the only calm one in times of crisis and he was great at patiently explaining things), or mad (because guess who gets to work two jobs until he is replaced which is never quick in the government world) or happy for them (although it wasn't necessarily a move they chose to make - isn't life what happens when you are making other plans??!)   This is what I came up with.


With all of those mixed emotions, this was a tough card.  First I settled on a the cute little house and then I was thrilled to find the little tree with the heart. The big burst of sunshine was to make it bright and cheerful.  The sentiment was a bit harder - given even they had mixed emotions.  Instead of "good luck" or "new house" - I settled on "adventure".  The sentiment just seemed to say what needed to be said.  It's a new chapter in their lives - that's always an adventure!

Taylored Expressions: Adventure

I love how all of these products work together.  The road matches the rolling hill.  The house and the tree are the perfect size.  The car comes from a Christmas set (it comes with a little tree to put on top).  There is another car/truck die set available here - I was absolutely shocked I didn't have in my collection but I will remedy that soon!!  I love the look of traveling with the sunshine at the end.

This card is mainly just lots of dies. It's my favorite thing to do - little scenes of dies!!  I did the sunshine with the Here Comes the Sun Stencil.  I centered it by the house and brushed just a small circle of Lemon Meringue.  Then went further out (but not all the way to the edges) with Potato Chip.  I removed the stencil and gave it all a light brush of Potato Chip.  This makes the rays look like they are fading toward the edge.

I hope this had meaning to them - because I sure had fun thinking of their adventure as I put it together!



  1. What an adorable scene! I like the pretty sunburst in the background. Wonderfully layered Kim!

  2. What an adorable card I agree! I would love to have gotten this in the mail! So creative!

  3. Lots of color on this sweet card. Great job.

  4. You have the GREATEST sense of humor ... I LOVE visiting your blog!! This card is AWESOME!! I get such WONDERFUL inspiration from you!!

  5. I love dies, too!! In fact, and don't tell the hubs, I just ordered several more dies and have to pay international worth it!! Your card is perfect for your coworker/friend. I think I may be facing the same situation in the coming years as well. This will give them a positive spin on what might not be the most 'fun' thing. The elements are wonderful, and with the sun emanating from behind their new home, it shows some serious hope. It's a wonderful card, Kim. I really, really, really like this one! Have a wonderful week. Bev

  6. I always love your die cut scenes.....this is as sweet as can be!


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