Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thinking of You with Potty People!

Just a few weeks ago, on this post, I used a border called "Potty People" on an elegant thinking of you card. Here it is again...

TE Prayers from All Of Us

I was so tickled with the idea of "Potty People" on a thinking of you card, and I was thrilled with how quick and easy this was, I made the comment that I wanted to do a variety of these in other colors and themes for use at my church.  So here's a couple more looks!


Sweet Potty People

And masculine...

Masculine Potty People

Such a fun way to do quick and easy cards!

SUPPLY LIST (for the second two - click on the link for the first one)


  1. Totally fabulous and outside the box. I LOVE the design!!

  2. These are very cute and convey a special message. I like all of the different versions you made. So interesting. Had I not seen your design I would never have thought of using the die as a "thinking of you" card. TFS

  3. These are FABULOUS, Kim. It's a great way to use up a stash of patterned paper and make thoughtful cards at the same time. I'm so ordering this set to use for my church.

  4. You've elevated your "potty people" to such an impressive, thoughtful, touching level. These cards are nothing short of gorgeous and heart-warming...


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