Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ice Cream and Sweet Sunday

This morning, I was frantically preparing for a meeting to turn over a volunteer project to the next group of volunteers. (Last December, I had volunteered for 8-10 hours of accounting work a week to enhance my resume, and after a series of disasters, the project grew to full-time job - but still unpaid! I need to move on and start a real job search.)  Anyway, in the midst of my preparations, Facebook beeped and it turns out one of the ladies in my meeting had a birthday today.  As a hard-core cardmaker, I immediately stopped my important accounting preparations, and turned to creating a card for her!!

However, "last minute" and "make card" do not go together in my vocabulary so I immediately went looking for a challenge to help me.  Sweet Sunday Sketch to the rescue!

RC Ice Cream For Sweet Sunday

The ice cream cone is from Reverse Confetti.  I love its shape.  Last summer, Reverse Confetti came out with a popsicle that I loved so much, I used it more than once (that's a big deal and I know you can all relate!).  This summer it's going to be the ice cream dies that I use repeatedly.  "Birthday" is from their Fancy Words die set which also has a coordinating stamp set, but I didn't use the stamp set because I didn't think sentiments like "birthday hugs & kisses" was appropriate for someone I work with.  I pulled out an older Reverse Confetti set and inked up the "happy".

Now I'm home, the birthday card was delivered, the volunteer accounting work is off my desk and I'm going to play at my craft desk for the rest of the evening - before starting a real job search tomorrow...or maybe next week!!



  1. That's a card maker for ya, drop everything and get stamping!! This is super cute Kim and I'm sure she appreciated it!

  2. This makes me wanna have ice cream :)

  3. I couldn't say it better than Deepti!
    Love this Kim!

  4. Super cute birthday card, Kim!! So generous of you to volunteer your time---sorry to hear it turned out that way. I have had the same experience with many part-time jobs and volunteering situations. It always makes me so sad because in the beginning I feel like I'm doing something so great and my heart feels so full, but then little by little people ask for more and more and more until I feel myself actually feeling bad because I can't give "enough." It's terrible.

  5. Yes, it's time for you to move on from the full-time volunteer job, with a resume that must be marvelously enhanced! I know you gave this role your all, and then some. They'll definitely miss you! Your card is incredibly sweet; one your friend will adore, as do I!


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