Saturday, June 23, 2012

Less Is More: Paper Piecing

This is my second post today.  It's just a short scroll
down for Dynamic Duos.  (But keep your eyes closed if you are hungry!)

I had no intentions of posting this morning.  I already had a post pre-scheduled and it's up - so my morning was going to be devoted to cleaning.  But a number of completely random circumstances came together and caused me to make a card.

Here's the's for the Less is More challenge which for this week is paper piecing...

Less Is More Challenge

You might be wondering - why a hamburger?  Until last night, it would have been one of my bottom choices of an image for a card.  Then my family had an amazingly fun and utterly decadent dining experience. Nothing fancy - my youngest picked it as a special treat because we hadn't seen him two weeks due to lacrosse and church camps.  After a huge meal, we have decided that it's going to be our celebration place - birthdays, etc. - so I am going to tuck this card away until the next birthday.  Let me show you why.  If you are hungry, you are going to want to look away.  If you live in the Colordo area (and particularly if you have hungry teen boys), put this on your MUST-DO list! It's Crave Real Burgers in Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.

Crave Burger
The Luther:  bacon, cheddar, egg and onion with 2 glazed donuts as the bun

Crave Burger
My 6'4", 200 pound, 16-year old TRYING to eat The Luther.

Crave Burger
My husband staring in awe at The Slopper:
a green chili smothered cheeseburger
OVER a grilled cheese sandwich, topped with
onion, poblanos, pico, sour cream,
avocado, lettuce and tomato.

Crave Burger
Erik doing battle with New Mexico Relleno:
fried queso fresco, roasted poblano chiles, avocado and green chile

Crave Burger
My children chose this one for me.  It's the Drunken Onion.
(Wonder what they meant by that?)  It's cabernet caramelized onions,
Gruyere, Swiss, and French onion soup for dipping.

I don't even have pictures of the most amazing things.  We started with green chili fries.  My husband - who despises the expense of eating out and rarely finds anything positive to say, commented that the green chili could make cardboard taste good!  And the strangest thing we had was the Strawbanero shake - a strawberry shake with Habanero Caramel.  Strange but oddly wonderful!! is lunchtime yet....because I brought home leftovers of my burger!

  • Stamps: picnic digi set at the Graphics Shoppe (never shopped there before, I just needed a burger image), Stampin' Up Crazy for Cupcakes (the candle), Close To My Heart Card Chatter-Birthday.
  • Paper: Stampin' Up dsp in Pacific, Mustard, Poppy, Pumpkin, Expresso and Celery
  • Ink: black, copics for border


Gibmiss said...

Hi kim
Fabulous card..... The resl one looks gorgeous....
Hugs sylvie xxx

GinaA said...

Brilliant take on a burger, great card the sentiment is perfect. Your trip out looks like fun.

Kaz said...

Fab card and great action shots of your family with their lunch!!!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness...doughnuts as the burger buns! and I thought battered Mars Bars were bad enough...Lol.
Love that you bought some of yours home too.

The pieced burger is fun, looks great with a candle too )
Jenny x

H2 :) said...

Love the crisp, graphic styling of your card Kim but I'm not too sure about the real burgers, lol! :)

Vicky Hayes said...

Good gracious - this would feed our family for a week! Glad you had a lovely time Kim and I'm so impressed that you were inspired to create the brilliant paper pieced birthday burger!

Allisa said...

Wow, I am sure none of those dishes have any calories in them! I don't think my hubby would be as adventurous with the menu!

Judy1223 said...

Kim, I LOVE your hamburger card...and it makes total sense after seeing the pictures of your meal out! Good heavens, that's a LOT of food! You would have to roll me out of there after a meal like that! Glad you had some fun family time!

Lisa said...

First your card is really cute ~ I like the candle in the burger! Now about those burgers...JEEPERS Kim!!! And don't those teenage boys have SOME appetite!

ssnuce said...

Is this Crave? We have one here in Colorado Springs too. SOOOO good!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Ah, hon, did you say something on my blog about moving your family to my house? Um, ah, about the grocery bill ... !

Darnell J Knauss said...

Ha, I see it wasn't you who said that, phew! Those burgers are so funny; coming back, I've laughed all over again!

Kathyk said...

Love your burger card and the burger photos. Ther's just somethign so WRONG about two glazed donuts as a bun!!!


Mandi said...

Fabulous effective card Kim
Love it!
Now a donut as a burger! lol
Looks like your son enjoyed every mouthful

Great post..

Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Marrigje said...

Great experience, turns out a great card! After reading your post, I wish I was living in your area :D. Sounds like a must try to me.

Your paper piecing is stunning.


Jen W. said...

Thank goodness I am nowhere near that restaurant because I think I would have to go back a million times and try everything on the menu! It looks amazing!

And your card is amazing too. A perfectly paper pieced burger that looks good enough to eat and I love the red and white doodle frame around it. Glad you abandoned the cleaning to share it with us! :)

Now I'm going to go make some hamburgers...

Loli. said...

Hola Kim, perfect card for a perfect meal for you and your family, i think the men make the more estranger combinations with meal...a donut as a burger bun...uuufff NEVER.
Great paperpiecing burger card, perfect papers.
A hug from Palma de Mallorca Spain

Anne Marie Hile said...

Now those are some serious burgers!! Wowza! I recently tried a burger with a fried egg on it and i was the best this ever...but a glazed donut bun?? I bet that is out of this world! Your card is so perfect and fitting to celebrate your favorite family restaurant. Now, I'm seriously craving a burger! Mmmm!!

Viv said...

Such a great card Kim, you made me hungry seeing all that food too. Not keen on the sweet bun though but your food looked very tempting :)Viv xx

Lesley said...

Love the card but let me get to the food...LOL! YUM! Wow, those meals look amazing...glazed donut??? Love the sound of and onions...yummy....!!!

Bonnie said...

Your hamburger is amazing! What a cool image to paper piece. I think I'm gaining weight just looking at the real thing! Looks like a fun time.

Victoria said...

A donut as a bun???? Hmmmm not sure about that one! Your card is absolutely fantastic!! Makes me hungry just looking at it! Oh, and crafting beats cleaning hands down!

Lynne said...

Kim your card is amazing. Love your burger.
Not sure about the doughnut one though, not really my thing but I`ve just shown it to my son and he is now drooling lol.
Lynne xxx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Almost makes me feel sick looking at the photos! But I can tell how much you enjoyed your outing! Sometimes it is not just the food but the whole experience. And with big boys to fill I imagine this was a hit! Thanks for sharing the fu . Hugs xxx

Deanna said...

Hi Kim,
Love your card! Wow you wonder who stays up all night figuring out combinations of Great photos :)

Aileen said...

Oh my you've made my mouth water! Those are huge meals. Your burger card is huge fun too. x

Chrissie said...

All I can say is "Good Grief" Kim!
I've never seen burgers like them!
Your card is fab by the way!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

M said...

Totally brilliant paper piecing, and I love the idea behind it! Those real burgers look amazing too! M x

Kerry said...

Wow, what massive burgers. Great card, I love all the different papers you've used.