Friday, May 25, 2012

A Very Quick Gift Set

I went to bed last night feeling like I was forgetting something.  I woke up this morning with the panicked realization that I needed a gift for a thank you party for my son's long-term 6th grade substitute.  Obvious answer - a box of handcrafted cards.

So...I couldn't use multiple layers because I couldn't cut them all in time.  Embossing folders to the rescue.  I needed an embossing folder that added all of the interest on its own - I went with Stampin' Up's Elegant Lines.  It's not been my favorite - but this morning it saved me!

Then...a variety of sentiments - fairly big-sized to take up some of the front.  I wanted a punch or die for those sentiments and I used Stampin' Up's Decorative Labels.  I have other dies that I could have used, but it's must faster to punch multiple labels.

Then...embellishments - whatever I could easily varies by card.

Finally...colors - I used this week's colourq color challenge.  Obviously, I can't submit this because one color per card really isn't the challenge(!) - but I did want to give them credit.

Teacher Gift Set

Teacher Gift Set

Teacher Gift Set

Teacher Gift Set

Time was up at this point, so I couldn't get a nice little folder made, but I did have some appropriately sized plastic boxes and I quickly put together a coordinating tag.

Teacher Gift Set

Very, very, VERY simple - but I think it works!!


Lisa said... works! Wonderful cards Kim and I think they're perfect for the occasion!

Deanna Jean said...

I think she will love them. The embossing folder you used is beautiful. Great set.

Christine Blain said...

Good grief - how can you come up with such beautiful cards under pressure??!! What a gorgeous set, Kim; love them all.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration for a quick and elegant set of cards to give as a gift!

Pauline said...

Kim, these are a great quick fix in a short situation! How beautiful is that embossing folder? I keep seeing it in blogland, and did not realise its a SU one - I have just discovered SU, so I'm going to keep an eye out for it!
Have a great weekend!

Susan Joyce said...

Lovely set Kim.

Mandi said...

These are fabulous Kim
That detailed embossing needs very little...just great!

Christina said...

These are really lovely, Kim! The embossing adds so much detail while making the set look cohesive, even with the unique embellishments on each one. Beautiful job!

Anni said...

This is an amazing set, very elegant and so simple bute beautiful!

Aileen said...

It works brilliantly Kim. A super save! x