Thursday, February 23, 2012

Less Is More: Punches or Die Cuts

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This is my second post today!

I have been off my cardmaking game this week - just not feeling it.  But this morning, I realized just how bad it was.  I had not recognized the fact that one of my favorite challenges is all about one of my favorite tools.  Less Is More challenges us to use punches and die cuts...NOT a problem!!

My card uses five dies, all from Papertrey Ink:
  1. Flower Fusion #11 die
  2. Flower Fusion Stem die
  3. Double-Ended Banners die
  4. Mat Stack #1 (the white mat)
  5. Fillable Frames #10 (the linen layer)
Thank you, Less Is More, for bringing back my enthusiasm!!

  • Stamps: Papertrey Flower Fusion
  • Paper: Papertrey Fine Linen
  • Ink: Papertrey Spring Moss, Classic Kraft
  • Accessories: Papertrey Melon Berry felt and Impression Plates
I have a favor.  I am struggling with the fact that the photos on my blog look blurry, even though they look totally clear in my photo editing software.  I have recently realized that if I made the photos extra-large (WAY bigger than any of you want to see them) they look clear to me.  

I have my regular size photo below and then the extra-large version.  I have two question (1) does one look blurrier to you and (2) if so, do you have ANY ideas why???  It seem backwards to me - I would think the smaller photo would be clearer.  Help!!


  1. Kim, this is absolutely gorgeous! WOW, will have to CASE this one. Perfection! :)

  2. This is SO lovely Kim. I'm so glad we invited Mr Mojo back to visit with you!
    I really, really wish that PTI products were available at a reasonable cost in the UK. The postage and customs charges are horrendous.
    This is a gorgeous card... perfect. All I can say about the clarity of your pictures is that if you click to enlarge them they look really clear. Bizarre isn't it!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. Firstly ... LOVE THE CARD ... and I am glad you got your mojo back by using your dies!
    Secondly ... like you ... it is a little bizarre that the big one is clear and the small one is blurry! Did you reduce the size in your photo editing ... or did you store the original photo on your blog & then resize it when you posted???
    (Not that I would know why one was better than the other???) !!!
    But ... my only suggestion is to perhaps take your photo on the 'micro' (flower) setting on your calendar. I find that gives me the clearest photos! Sometimes I forget to do this ... and I find the depth of field is not as good!
    Sorry I can't help any more ... but I am sure there is someone in blog land that can! Hugs xxx

  4. Absolutely fabulous Kim! The white on white layers with the central pop of colour is stunning. :)

  5. The clarity looks the same to me, but my personal preference is to use the large setting in blogger...which just because it's large it looks clearer? Either way...great looking card and awesome dies!

  6. Just beautiful, Kim! This truly shows how less is more. I give up trying to figure out the photos. The large one is great and shows the texture on the card too.

  7. Love this card - the dies are just super. I can't wait to get to the States and make a start on my PTI addiction!!!

    As for the photos - I click on them and the all look the same! Perfectly in focus!

  8. Fantastic banner! And love the woodgrain frame!

  9. Gorgeous card, love how you've done the banner.

  10. Hooray for the return of the mojo! Love the way you framed the flower and folded up the banner. So sweet!
    As for your photos I see what you mean but I have no idea what to do about it. :( Sorry... Although I agree with Chrissie - they're fine when you click on them and look at them on their own.

  11. what a beautiful card! I love it!

  12. GREAT card...I like the larger picture so I can see all the detail.

  13. Simply lovely, Kim!! What a very pretty and cool banner...all so pretty!! The larger picture DOES look clearer...I just say,"Go figure"...need a computer/camera techie...maybe one of your sons(my girls seem to always have the answers:)!!)

  14. Stunning card. Love the frames and the label. Your large photo is super clear but I've no advice unfortunately as to why this is. x


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