Thursday, September 29, 2011

OLW: Show and Tell with Janelle

Susan's One Layer Wednesday challenge is to CASE a card from Janelle's Show and Tell blog .

If you haven't been to Janelle's blog - be SURE to get there.  I sat down yesterday morning with my first cup of coffee and two hours later was still reading.  Besides sharing beautiful cards, Janelle shares her journey with brain cancer.  She is doing it with courage, grace, humor and incredible faith.  She was diagnosed August 1, just before her daughter's wedding, but instead of feeling sorry for herself - she is sharing her bald spot and her "selfishness" regarding pork sliders and the claustrophic mask she has to wear for treatment.  And, each day, she includes scripture that has inspired her.

I found many, many cards that I want to CASE - but I want to do them exactly as they are which have multiple layers.  The challenge is to do a One Layer card - so I settled on this card (which I also want to do exactly as is with the ribbon tags) - but for today I was inspired by the black and white with the brilliant splashes of color.  Plus this card had the additional advantage of getting one more set out of my over-flowing box-of-stamps-that-will-not-be-put-away-until-they-are-used!

I use my Nestabilities dies as a stencil to draw frames.  It was amazing for me when the lightbulb came on and I realized I had a fantastic source of squares and rectangles!!

Now...I want to include some technical blog chatter.  (Just skip to the bottom if you only want the card recipe!)

A number of blog readers are saying they suddenly can't comment on some blogs. I've had the problem, so let me share a few things that I found.  I haven't completely solved the problem at my end, so if anybody knows more than I do - maybe we can conquer blogger by working together!!

In August, I started getting the warning "Your current account does not have access to view this page" while I was simply trying to comment.  These are blogs that I have commented on in the past - so I couldn't figure out what was happening.

I found this entry in the Blogger Help forum.  It seems a lot of people started having this problem in August!
Of course, these computer advice articles are always written in a language that I haven't mastered - but I figured out two things:

1) The blogs that can't be commented on have an Embedded Comment Form (vs. a Pop-Up).  I double-checked the blogs that I was having problems with and none of them were pop-up.  At this point, I did change my blog to a Pop-Up comment window so others didn't have a problem with mine.  (In Blogger, go to Settings, Comments and you can select the type of comment form.)

2) When someone cannot comment, their computer is having a problem with "authentication and cookie-filtering".  I am definitely already out of my comfort zone - but I do know this is my problem because I also have problems with two on-line stores and I get a "cookie usage" problem.  It's just too coincidental that two things have "cookie" in their problem description!  (See if you can put things in the cart at All That Scraps and Crop Stop - if you get cookie usage problems - we are in the same boat!)

I did try the remedies selected in the article but it didn't solve things for me.  And I have tried the remedies that come up with those online stores (in Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, Security and change your security level). security level is set at medium, which is the lowest mine will go.

Personally, I didn't research any further.  I do most of my blog commenting on my iPad which doesn't have the problem.  And I can always order from those stores on my iPad so I have an easy work around.

If anybody has dealt with this - or is inspired by my description to research further - let me know what you find out. 

Hope this helps someone!

  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Printed Petals, Papertrey Signature Greetings
  • Paper: white
  • Ink: Stampin' Up markers in Pure Poppy, Daffodil, Limeade, Pacific and Orchid
  • Accessories: gems colored with copics, square nestabilities


  1. Your card is really pretty. Love the simplicity of it. Thanks for giving me a "light bulb" moment. Why didn't I think of using something to trace my square frames? Great tip. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful card. And THANK YOU for sharing your light bulb idea - genius!!!

  3. Kim, your card is FABULOUS! Thank you so much for honoring Janelle with such a lovely, lovely card for the challenge!

    As for the problems commenting...I thought my comments were not going through. I'd click post comment and the box would empty, but no message saying that the comment was awaiting approval or had been made appeared. Refreshing the screen showed nothing as well. Then, this AM, I tried to go back to the blog and Lo and Behold! My comments (both the first and the one I retried!) were there. Weird, eh?

  4. An amazingly simple card that really catches the eye, love that pop of colour in the frame. I too need to read through Janelles blog to share her journey, she is a very brave lady.
    Jenny x

  5. Kim - your take on Janelle's card is lovely - the splashes of colour really pop off the card!

    Thanks so much for your very helpful post about comments.

  6. This is so eyecatching with those beautiful, bright, little flowers! I hadn't thought of Nesties for frames, but then I don't have many. Maybe I have a good excuse to remedy that now!

  7. What a bright and cheerful the little blooms!

  8. I ***love*** this beautiful, clean and simple card.

  9. Super card and beautifully placed itty bitty flowers. I've changed my comments box to pop up. Thanks for your explanation, wouldn't have known how to do this otherwise! x

  10. Absolutely ADORE this pretty and so fun!

  11. A wonderful adaptation of my card -- I love it! Thanks for your kind words and for playing along with the challenge, too. And, why had I never thought to trace around a nestie? Brilliant!

  12. Oh my word, this is just absolutely fabulous! Love the adaptation! :)

  13. I love the simplicity of this card, and those little bits of color along the right edge are just fabulous.

  14. When I popped by the other day and commented on your bird card ... I then moved onto this post ... only to find I was having trouble opening the comment box!!!!! HOW IRONIC!!! I had added the bird comment ... but could do no more!!! Anyway ... I am back today ... and more successful than on the weekend! Thanks for the link to Janelle's blog. Definitely one to add to my bookmarks! (You are such a bad influence ... I am trying to cut down!!!) Hugs xxaxx

  15. Your card is so elegant and beautiful!

  16. Hi Kim! Your card is sooooo pretty!! LOVE the colored flowers and never would I have thought to use my nesties for frames...genius and thanks for idea...frames are so cool, but I only have 2 frame I have a bunch:)!!!!


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