Thursday, February 10, 2011

Designed2Delight Freebie

Designed2Delight put out the cutest digi this week.  They have the best deal - if you make a card with their digi that week and link back to their blog - you get a free digi for the next week.  This week's deal is up tonight.  (I had hoped to put a card up earlier so you all got a chance to play - maybe next week!)

More fun stuff - - - - I am the proud recipient of:

I was nominated by Melissa at Smudges in Time.  Be sure to check out her blog - wonderful clean and simple cards.  I laughed out loud at her card from early February about chocolate!

The object of the award is to point out blogs that are fairly new.  I took the liberty of defining that as under 100 followers or less than a half a million views!!  (This such an arbitrary definition because it ignores people reading through FeedBurner or Google Reader - but I had to start somewhere)  In going through my blog list, I discovered that this requirement was kind of hard because not all blogs list their followers.  But...I tried my best...and would like to introduce the following blogs:

JENerally Speaking - wonderful CAS cards and you won't believe the pictures of where she lives!

Stampinantics - Paula has a great style.  Nothing is overly frilly or fancy - just well designed with very special and unique touches!

Seaglass & Sentiments - Christina just topped 100 followers so she really isn't new by my definition, but her cards are SO gorgeous, I had to include her here!

Sunflower Stamper - I have only recently found Jennifer's blog - in fact, I haven't even had time to comment on her blog yet so she will definitely be wondering who I am! - but she has wonderfully colorful cards with great scenes of flowers and butterflies - so very cheerful.

EnchantInk - I am seriously stretching the rules by nominating Andrea - I am sure she is wildly popular, but I can't find a follower list on her blog??!!  I love her cards, her recipes and her family stories (my gosh, they are busy and a little bit crazy!).  And she is the friendlist blogger that I know - so I really want all of my readers to find her!

For those of you that I have nominated:
There are just a few steps for each of you receiving this award:
1. Let me know if you accept
2. Post the image on your blog
3. Link back to my blog
4. Choose 3-5 blogs that you like, preferably lesser known blogs to give them some traffic!!

For the rest of you:
I hope that enjoy some new blogs!

BTW - I have another award to give out tomorrow - so come back for even more blog lists!!


Kathie said...

This is gorgeous Kim, beautifully laid out!
Thank you for joining us at Designed2Delight.

Hands On said...

Lovely clean lines. Beautiful card. Thanks for playing with Stampin' Royalty.

lotte chew said...

love love love!!! beautiful card

Christina said...

Oh, thanks so much for including my blog here, Kim! What a great idea to draw attention to some blogs waiting to be discovered. I hope to play along later today! Thanks again for your sweet comments!

Paula said...

Kim, you are a Honey. Thank you for the blog award, I will definitely pass this on to some new blogs that inspire me. SHame I can't give it back to you! You work is lovely :-)

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... what a lovely compliment, Kim! You are so kind! I will wear this badge with pride! And ... I am happy to share the love with some more of my favourite new found blogs! Hugs xxaxx

Rachel Moore said...

wow, you have love all wrapped up, nice card kim

Sherrie Conner said...

So pretty Kim!! Love the layers and the pearl and flower! Cute!
Thanks for playing with us again at D2D!!

Stacey Schafer said...