Thursday, April 7, 2022

Poppystamps: Panda Hugs

 I'm on the Poppystamps blog today with panda hugs!!

Panda Hugs with Poppystamps

The expression on the Whittle Giant Panda is so sweet and seemed just right for a giant hug, a little flower and a rainbow of color! This card is destined for my MIL who I've written about lately. Any card with a Whittle is prominently displayed on her fireplace mantle and after a recent surgery (that went very well!) she is going to need big hugs during her recovery!

Panda Hugs with Poppystamps

There are more pictures and details on the Poppystamps blog - be sure to check it out!


Dies: Poppystamps Whittle Giant Panda, Luscious Script Hugs, Potpourri Flower Set, Orchard Leaf Square Frame

Other: Autumn Fairy Jewels

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