Monday, March 20, 2017

Taylored Expressions Easter Blessings

This year I decided to do a better job at recognizing the host/hostess when my family is invited out. I'm very guilty of just showing with whatever I said I'd bring.  But I know that when we entertain - it's a lot of work!  There's planning and re-planning, shopping, and cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning!  I can make even a simple burgers-on-the-deck party hard.  I know there are natural entertainers - but that's not me.  (Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I actually kept my house clean and tidy, but there are too many cards to make to spend a lot of time on my house!)

So I'm thinking ahead to Easter and we are going to two dinners that weekend so I decided to prepare ahead with hostess gift tags.  I'm not sure yet what gift will go with the gift tag - but I think these beautiful spring tulips and a blessing sentiment will be just right!

Easter Blessing tags

I love the trend toward layered stamping.  The depth and dimension truly makes it a work of art (and since I can't even draw a recognizable stick figure, I need all the help that I can get to create art!) Besides the tulips, I added lots of scallops, lacy edges, spring colors and sheer ribbon.



  1. The hostesses are going to be delighted with your pretty spring tags!!

  2. What beautiful tags! Maybe you could attach each to a box of Russel Stover chocolates or after dinner mints for the adults. I've often said I love stamping because I can't even draw stick figures, so I laughed out loud at your confession! ( I thought I was the only one.). Now all I have to do is learn to color...

  3. These are so pretty, Kim! Whatever you attach them to will be fine; it's the tag that will tickle them! I know it would me. We're hosting two Easter dinners here - but the Saturday one will be anywhere from 25-35. It is lots of work, but it will be delightful. These are soooo pretty! I love those tulips and all the pretty springy colors. Really fabulous!! And one day, when your boys are married with little ones coming to grandma's house, you'll entertain your family seemingly without effort! Bev

  4. I'm as far from a 'natural' entertainer as one can be, not only because our place is teensy, but the thought of cooking for a 'crowd' (which, in our case, would be limited to the two of us and four-five others) gives me the willies! Cooking is my husband's domain (I can cook, but avoid it as much as possible...I'm too picky to embrace the 'creative' aspects); although I can prepare a fairly decent basic salad. Your hostess tags are lovely; gifts in and of themselves!


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