Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Freshly Made Sketches: Could...Did!

It's time for a new sketch at Freshly Made Sketches! Today we have a sketch by Rita.

My son came home on spring break last Friday just full of stories about his first year at college.  He and my husband spent hours talking about electrical circuits!!??  (My guys are scientists to the core.) Surprisingly, my son's favorite class is Composition - a required freshman course. I can't tell you how much he has hated English classes over the years, but this professor has really drawn him in. I think it's because this professor embodies everything the college experience should be, which in my opinion, is learning to think, form opinions and articulate your thoughts. In this class, there is respectful discussion with opposing opinions allowed and encouraged - as long as you can back up your ideas with sources.  (Interestingly this professor is a former journalist who quit the profession when he realized that even the respected journalistic outlets never backed their stories with sources. Explains a lot, doesn't it? On both sides!)

Even with all the good news, he is exceedingly worried about his calculus mid-term which the teaching assistant told him was designed to be failed. I find it hard to believe my math/science geek will fail - so I put together a card to send to him in a few weeks when the results are back.  Fingers crossed!!


I look forward to seeing what you create with this sketch - there's a wonderful wide-open space with fun details on the edges!  Enjoy!



  1. I love this card, especially the sentiment! Perfect take on the sketch! Good luck to your son on his midterm!

  2. I love this stamp! I can think of lots of occasions on which to use it. And I love how you've used it on this card. The gray sentiment looks awesome against the bright background colors.

  3. You make the best cards for your guys! This is terrific! And I love the lightbulb tucked behind it! You are a marvelously detailed designer!

  4. This big, bold sentiment is perfect for the sketch and I love the modern colors you've paired it with.

  5. This is delightful Kim, love the happy colors and fun sentiment! Fingers crossed for your son's grade ;)

  6. How cool! I totally love that sentiment and the fun colours you've used!

  7. Not only do I love what you've created with this set (also sitting in my collection, awaiting attention), but I love the 'why' behind it! Wonderful to hear that your son is embracing his college experience and finding enjoyment in a field that he once-upon-a-time disliked. Makes my English teacher heart smile! I'm thrilled he's found a professor who engages his intellect and who will help him to hone his communication skills. As for his math/sciences: I'm sure he'll do well, despite the 'designed to be failed' nature of the mid-term he was facing (seems kind of the opposite of what education should be about...). I know he'll be thrilled with your card and your pride in his accomplishments...


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