Monday, January 23, 2017

Taylored Expressions: Shining Star and Ray of Sunshine

Last fall as my son was heading out to his freshman year of college, I swore that I would drop a card or little surprise gift in his mailbox each and every week.  I think I only sent about three things.  It's not so much that I'm a terrible mom, but rather that he totally embraced college life.  It's his home.  If the dorms hadn't closed, I'm not sure he even would have come for Christmas!

Even so, I want to do a bit better this semester (mostly to make me feel better!)  One of the things that I've wanted to play with is the coordination between Taylored Expressions Ray of Sunshine Cutting Plate and Shining Star Plate.


These two cutting plates work very well by themselves.  (I used Ray of Sunshine on one of my favorite cards ever.)  But they also line up perfectly to allow you to easily add colored stars. I cut the Ray of Sunshine in scrap paper to use as a template.  Then I cut it in multiple bright colors to get a variety of inside panels.  Use the template to adhere the colors to the card panel.  Then cut the Toffee and just plop it on top and you have colored stars!!

I love products that make my life easier!



  1. This is so fun Kim, just perfect for your son! Love the colorful stars!

  2. Oh my! All those colorful stars are so happy and totally fantastic! And thanks for explaining how you used the two plates to make this----so cool!!! Adding both of these to my TE wish list right away!

  3. So fun Kim. This is such a fun, happy card. I love the stars and colors.

  4. Ok. You need to stop now. Stop making cards that I go "OH MY GOSH!!!!" over. Juuuust kidding. This is an example of another of your brilliant ideas, and I love it!!!!! It's bright and happy, and beyond that, it's so darn clever that I can't even begin to tell you how cool I think this is! Fantastic card. And your son is going to love it! I know I do! Bev


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