Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Taylored Expressions: A Merry Scene

Last Christmas, Taylored Expressions' holiday paper pack included pre-made scenes.  They add a really nice backdrop to a scene, particularly when paired with the wide variety of Christmas dies.  I had an idea that I would spotlight part of the scene.  Not literally, but by adding a Christmas frame then only decorating the scene inside the frame.


I love little scenes made out of dies.  They can be a bit frustrating to put together because they are so teeny-tiny.  First, make sure you have a good tweezers.  Second, the adhesive...I use either a fine-tip glue or Stick It Adhesive.  (I prefer the Stick It Adhesive, but sometimes I have everything cut out before I remember it.)


The third difficulty is getting everything down in the right place.  I get everything laid out but not adhered, then I use my phone to grab a quick picture.  Here's the picture for this one.

Then I take it apart and adhere things piece by piece.  I use various cues to get things lined up.  I see that the pond goes over to the second "R" and it goes through the middle of the M, E and R.  The deer's nose is right under a snowy branch.  Two of the sequin stars at the top are next to the little white dots.  This way I can lay down my little piece with the glue on it and get it right on the first try!



  1. I like that you framed out part of this adorable scene! This is wonderful Kim!

  2. super cute scene Kim! It was fun to see your beautiful cards in real life at Stamp Joy!

  3. Perfect use of that patterned paper!

  4. Your scene within a scene is lovely, Kim; well-worth the time and 'fiddliness' invested! I'd like to sit on that bench for a while, enjoying the beautiful surroundings...


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