Monday, October 24, 2016

Good Things in Small Packages

I have two teenage boys.  (Actually one's almost 21 so I guess I have to find a different way of referring to them!)  Their favorite Christmas gift is cash. I really struggle with that because it just feels too easy.  I've always managed to make Christmas shopping stressful and hard; that's my holiday tradition and I'm sticking with it!  Gift cards are OK with them and I feel a bit better in that I can still stress over the best gift cards for them.

Here's where it gets better.  I don't just hand them a gift card - I have to craft around it to make it feel special.  (I realize the "special" is for me - remember, my boys are the ones to whom I could hand cash.)  I've kept my eyes open over the years for products to display gift cards.  Some companies have pockets or tabs, etc.   Taylored Expressions has a fun series of dies and products for gift card tins.  They sell the tins, tin toppers, inserts, etc. (all linked below).

Here's what I came up with.  (NOTE:  I temporarily adhered the top to a second tin just for the photo - this will just be one tin.)


I clearly matched to the gift card. I did the Tin Topper in a bright green.  On the top piece, I added Little Bits - Snowman and Little Bits - Christmas Tree and my favorite little sentiment for gift cards "Good things come in small packages".  I added a second sentiment on the inside plus the "to" and "from" from the On Display Tin Insert and a few bits and pieces from the snowman and the tree.  The insert holds the gift card up for display and also has cut-outs for things like earrings or a necklace. 

This is such a great compromise.  My boys get their gift cards - although theirs will be XBox or Starbucks or Amazon - and I still feel like it's special!  



  1. This is adorable Kim and the perfect way to give the gift cards to your boys!!

  2. What a cute idea! I have the same problem with gift cards in that I don't like just handing out a card. I love the dies, etc. that make these so cute and fun!

  3. Kim, these are adorable! And I so understand the "special" thats needed for giving a gift card. I'm pinning this now!

  4. Your 'compromise' in giving them a special gift that's 'specially presented' (for you) makes me smile! Gift cards or cash...they 'need' something to jazz them up, even if it's only to make our crafty hearts happy! Your tins here - made-to-match with the gift cards - are fantastic! We know that your 'young men' truly do love your investment of time and creativity, even if they don't always show it. They're so blessed to have you as their mom!

  5. Oh my word, Kim! How cute is this?!!! I love this idea, and will CASE this for my grandson, who will want cash or gift cards for Christmas. I know that your sons will adore this. That snowman is darling, and I do love the sentiment on the top of the box. Fantastic project. Love it. Bev


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