Friday, September 9, 2016

Taylored Expressions: Make it Personal

My family has lived with my cardmaking obsession passion for a very long time.  I used to make at least 1000 cards a year with about 950 of them going to the church cardmaking ministry.  (Now with life changes, I only make 2-3 a week so I've cut back to around 100/year.)  I also have to say that I've never missed making a card for one of my kids' birthdays or special events.

One time, and one time only, I forgot to sign one of my kids' cards before I gave it to them.  Shouldn't have been a big deal, but somehow they became convinced (probably with prodding from my jokester of a husband) that I didn't sign it because I intended to re-use it by taking it to the church.  I'd never have done that. Really and truly. The cards that I make for friends and family are labors of love. Now, every darn time my family opens a card from me, the story gets retold.  So to avoid the sarcasm, I make a very conscious effort to personalize their cards in some way - the most obvious way by adding their name.

Taylored Expressions Make It Personal

I love this alphabet for my teenage sons.  It's not frilly and it's totally fun. I made this card for my youngest a couple of days ago.  He started at a new school this year and it's not going as well as he had hoped.  First, I pulled out the owl set, then it occurred to me to sit the owl on his name.   (Also notice the little logs in the above picture.  My son happened to be with me when I wandered into Hobby Lobby last weekend to get a few props for my photos.  He found these logs - so I had to include them with this card!)

Taylored Expressions Make It Personal

To add interest, I cut his name out of the main panel, then I sponged inks on a small scrap of paper to set behind the letters.  That prompted me to bring those colors into the owl's wings.  I'm sure my son will inform me that owls don't have colorful wings!

Taylored Expressions Make It Personal

I know a card isn't going to solve any of his problems, but if makes him smile for a minute - or even sigh - maybe it will give him a bit more strength to face each day.  And that is the joy of this hobby we all love!


Taylored Expressions Make It Personal


Deborah Frings said...

He's a fab little owl - love the colours you've used.

Susangail Powell said...

This is a beautiful card - both in how it turned out and how personal it is - love it!

Happy Dance said...

You made me laugh with "not signing" so you can reuse it. The same thing just happened to me! SIL (most wonderful sil ever!) teased me about not signing DH's bd card. Almost gave it to him on his birthday last month! I know Erik will treasure your thoughts and love sent in this card. Always good to know that mom is always there. You're pretty darn awesome, you know that?! Have a great weekend. Bev

Lisa said...

Oh boys will be boys won't they!! My hubby always turns over the cards his sister MAKES for him to see the price LOL, jokingly of course! After I told her about this she started writing a price on the back!! Love this cute owl and the wooden accents!

Mary-Anne V said...

I love this post because it just shows you how important and rewarding our craft is. Your son is going to adore this card -it is just perfect for a teenager especially one who is going through a change like he is. Funny as my kids get older I realize that sometimes it's the non-verbal messages we send that really sink in.

Louise said...

Kim, this card is great! I love how you put the same colors into the wings! I am just starting a card-making ministry at my church. I hope it goes as well as yours! I love hearing your stories. Have a wonderful weekend!