Friday, September 16, 2016

Share Joy with Birthday Balloons

I needed another birthday card earlier this week (I know a lot of folks with September birthdays!)  I was struggling a bit because it's a lady at work whom I don't yet know well.  I know she has a strong personality; I know she is an avid baseball and football fan; I know everybody was quite shocked that she wore pink once last week; and I know there's a dog in her life that some people are intimidated by. Based on those limited facts, I didn't want to go frilly or girly or cutesy, and I totally perked up when I saw the colors at this week's Share Joy challenge.

These aren't colors I would ever have put together for myself.  Maybe that's why they strike me as fresh and unique.  LOVE the final look!

Birthday Balloons


There's an interesting comparison on this card.  One of the colors in the challenge is Blue Corn, but as Taylored Expressions is releasing a few new colors of ink each month, they have not yet released Blue Corn.  So I found another company's ink (which shall remain nameless) that matched the cardstock.  Look at the difference in coverage.  I've been saying good things about the TE ink - this is proof!!


  1. Perfect non-frilly birthday card! Love those sentiment strings, and how you've used that color palette. Fantastic card. I'm sure your coworker will love it! I know I do. Bev

  2. This looks like the perfect card for your co-worker Kim! I giggled at the thought of everyone being shocked that she wore pink!!


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