Monday, August 1, 2016

Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge:

It's time for a new challenge at the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Snow Cone!

Although very unusual for me, I had a an instant idea of what I was going to do!  I wanted to use glitter enamel dots and little triangles, and put them across a counter.  Of course, as a fairly clean crafter, the simplicity of the inspiration photo called my name too!

CC Snow Cone CloseUp

I found my glitteriest enamel dots.  I have all of the Doodlebug Glitter Sprinkles and use them regularly, but recently I got some Gumdrops from Your Next Stamp and they are even glitterier!!  The three colors come from one set - the Magical Pastel Gumdrops. I have another set called Cosmic Crush which has a vivid blue - probably should have used that one to match the inspiration photo!!

CC Snow Cone

I had originally intended to put the snow cones all the way across the window - but when I found a sentiment that worked, I like the way it sits inside.

Indulge me as I brag about my husband. He is supportive of the time that I spend making cards, but he doesn't particularly understand the craft.  He tries to relate, but his comments are things like "too much bling" (I'm a clean crafter - if I have bling, it's usually three little sequins!) or "do you think that paper works there" (since I put it there, I guess I must!)  But he has surprised me twice recently.  A few weeks ago, we were wandering through IKEA.  He saw a Raskog cart and immediately commented that it would be perfect for crafting.  My jaw dropped because I have a number of blog friends who have road-tripped here to IKEA just for Raskog carts!!  They are perfect for cardmakers. We didn't get one - I was just impressed that he saw the potential.  Then a week ago, he called to say he had seen a large table at a store liquidation.  It had a flat white surface, it raised and lowered and was on wheels and he thought it would be perfect for crafting.  He got the table, I went and got a Raskog cart - and look at my beautiful new crafting surface!

Back to the challenge - - - be sure to head to the Curtain Call blog to see the rest of the inspiration - then play along!!  I LOVE to see how everybody is inspired!


The diagonal stripe is from Chalk Studio by My Mind's Eye.


  1. Oh, your card is so fun, Kim! Super sweet take on the inspiration photo!
    And how fabulous to have a husband who supports your hobby! Your new work area looks great and I have been wanting a Raskog cart for a while now..... but my craft area is in the basement on carpet and I don't know how well it would roll on the carpet.... Enjoy!

  2. A very sweet card! Inventive to use the sparkly dots as the snow cones, and it has a good sentiment. :)

  3. Also, Kim, a great table and cart for your craft area! You've got a sweet hubby.

  4. This is so CUTE!! Love your teeny tiny snow cones Kim!! Don't you just love it when we think our guys aren't really paying attention...but they ARE!!

  5. Super cute card Kim. Love the candy dots with the cones. So clever!

  6. What a fabulous idea, Kim! LOVE the use of the enamel dots for the snow cones!

  7. Aren't you the clever one! I love these snowcones!
    Oh, your hubby can still shock and wow you! Great crafty space!


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