Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Ms. NBUS!

You don't have to be in the cardmaking blogging community for long before you get to know Darnell Knauss.  (And if you haven't discovered her, you need to run right over and check her out!)  She packs so much into a single post - I marvel at her cards, I laugh aloud at her stories and at her amusing language quirks, and I learn about other crafters as she never fails to welcome new followers.  It's not unusual to see 100 or more comments on each of her posts - a sign of how beloved she is!  She is also the creator of "NBUS" - Never-Before-Used Schtuff - and the NBUS challenge. AND she was the one who suggested we all put our birth dates on our blogs so that we could all share the love with birthday cards.  Whew!!  (And I actually had lunch with her once, so I had a brush with her greatness!)

You don't have to read long before you understand the inspiration for my card - it's Hammy!!  I started in my NBUS stash with the Paper Smooches Happy Birthday die.  The balloon is also from a NBUS set - Paper Smooches Birthday Bash.  The hamster is actually quite well loved as I have used him often.

Happy Birthday Hamster

I hope you have a wonderful day, Darnell.  I'm sure you are spending part of the day crawling out from under the mail bags full of birthday cards.  We love you!



  1. Goodness, Kims, we are blushing! Have you ever seen a hamster blush? It's quite a sight. I'll try and get a photo, but even then it won't be as adorable as the birthday card you made in Hammy's likeness! Thank you so so much!! I do have a lovely pile of cards to open, which I've been saving to do today! I see that your's is in there and I thank you! You are very sweet to remember and dedicate a whole post to me! MWAHMWAHMWAH! Love from both of us! Darnell

  2. A special post for a special lady!! Love this cute likeness of Hammy and Darnell will too. Darling card!!

  3. Kim,brilliant card, how funny is Hammie. I am patiently waiting for my Hammie in the mail and I must admit my reason for buying him was Darnell.

  4. Sweet, sweet card! That hamster is just too darn cute!

  5. Not only is your tribute to Darnell spot-on, but choosing to showcase 'Hammy' just doesn't get better than that in acknowledging how truly amazing Darnell is! Your card has planted a mega-watt smile allll over my face. As for Hammy...I want to pinch his little cheeks and give him a cuddle!


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