Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Stacey

It's Stacey Schafer's birthday, one of my favorite bloggers!  And one of the blog-world people I have had a chance to meet!  Happy birthday friend!!

Girl's weekend in Chicago, 2014

I have learned many things from Stacey and from Stacey's cards.  She introduced me to hemp twine - she even showed me how to twirl it around fingers to get a multiple bow.  She got me hooked on sequins.  The one thing she hasn't quite taught me is the use of patterned paper.  Patterned paper scares me - at least if I'm supposed to use more than one simple pattern.  Stacey can add multiple and very varied patterns to her cards and it looks fabulous.  I can buy the same papers, try to make a card with her sample card right in front of me - and I still can't make it look right!

For my birthday card to Stacey - I used twine and sequins, and I did challenge myself to use multiple patterns - three patterned papers and one big striped stamp.

HB with Papers

I'm actually happy with the paper on this, but true confession time.  This is not the actual card that I sent to Stacey.  I took pictures of her card, but didn't look at them before mailing the card and they were blurry.  I decided to remake the card because I really wanted to do this post today - but first, I ran out of some of the papers, and second - the original card had a rather unfortunately placed flower. I was clearly trying to squeeze a bunch of new stuff onto the card. 

Hey Stacey - celebrate well!!



  1. Love how you pay tribute to birthday people by incorporating their style. Great job on Stacey's card :)

  2. How to make a card special to the person receiving it! Loved reading your story Kim. Funny, but I feel as you do about DSP and very rarely use it myself. I find ti scary, lol. You nailed this one!

  3. Beautiful card and pic of the two of you!!!

  4. What a great photo!! LOVE the layered papers and the stamps you used to make the gray patterned paper. Beautiful card!!

  5. I love how our friends challenge us to try things we wouldn't ordinarily do. Sometimes I think that's what this crazy, crafting journey is all about! I'm sure Stacey loved your original card as much as we enjoy seeing your beautiful recreation here!

  6. What a fun post Kim!! Loved reading your card story and I'm sure Stacey loved hers. Your second take is as cute as can be!!

  7. Kim, what a thoughtful post, highlighting for us Stacey's special talents. She most certainly has patterned paper expertise! Your card her: incredibly marvelous because you've showcased the very attributes that you love about Stacey's style...with results that are simply fabulous! She'll adore this card, as do I! The photo: priceless!

  8. What a fantastic card for Stacey! You are so lucky to meet up, I wish air travel from Canada was more affordable! You too look so cute together!

  9. Your card for Stacey is wonderful...especially if it is similar to this one! I too struggle with patterned papers but am starting to enjoy sequins. I love twine! Your blog is full of wonderful cards! :)


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