Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taylored Expressions: Teacher Blessings

I have been volunteering as an accountant in our church preschool for the last six months.  The last few weeks are in my brain and may never go away as the kids have been practicing for graduation and I hear the same songs over and over for all eight classrooms!!  But I've also had a chance to watch preschool teachers up close and personal - and my respect level has shot through the ceiling.  I am in awe of what they deal with day after day and they do it calmly and with a big smile.

The cake and ice cream after graduation takes place in our fellowship hall which also houses our card racks - so I realized a few weeks back that I needed to stock the racks with teacher thank you cards!  I actually made this card a few weeks back and it is long gone.

I am in love with the die selection at Taylored Expressions.  (I love the stamps too - who wouldn't love a big polka dot "thanks")  But in terms of dies, there is something for every single occasion. For this card, I had the numbers - so I ordered the little schoolhouse.

Teacher Blessings

Then it seemed a little bland so I browsed my dies and found the sun.  I'm not sure whether it is setting on the preschool or whether it is rising for a new phase in the education of these little ones - but either way - it's a nice pop of color!

Teacher Blessings Close-Up

Those cute little preschoolers do eventually grow up as evidenced by the last week in my house.

This is my son, Andrew, graduating from Lutheran High School.  He will be heading to Valparaiso University in the fall.  At 6'4" and well over 200 pounds, it's hard to remember my preschooler.  



  1. I'm a big fan of TE products and their dies especially. You've made a simply adorable card here using a good variety! That little school house is on my list now :)

  2. they do grow up sooo quickly. My daughter will be a senior next year and I am already tearing up LOL! Congrats to the grad and parents!! Darling card too :)

  3. Adorable card Kim!! A big congrats to your son, LOVE the pictures!

  4. Beautiful card, and I love the dies!! Congrats to the graduate!

  5. Awesome card design! great pics :)

  6. Awesome card design! great pics :)


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