Friday, May 1, 2015

Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Travel On

It's time for a new challenge at the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Travel On.

I am fully immersed in high school graduation and college plans with my oldest son, so I have a different perspective on the theme of "Travel On".  Just yesterday, we paid the deposit for Valparaiso University in Indiana!!  My son had very different plans until he actually started visiting campuses - and immediately realized he felt at home at Valparaiso.  I'm not quite sure how I feel given he had good options within an hour or two from our home - but he picked the school that is 1,037.6 miles away!  There is definitely some travel in my future!

I was inspired by the colors and the vintage look of the camera.

Follow Your Dreams

My son's journey is obvious.  He has a major life change in front of him.  Prayers are welcome and needed!  

I've been on my own journey and I'm afraid it's moving my cardmaking to a backseat - sometimes it feels like the backseat of a bus!!  Many of you have followed me through my pursuit of a second college degree so I could move back into the work world.  Now I'm doing some volunteering as an accountant.  I raised my hand to volunteer because I knew the work experience would be invaluable on my resume.  But I actually volunteered to do a few hours of bookkeeping a day - and now it's many, many, many intense hours a day as we have realized there are issues.  I haven't even had time to apply for a real job yet...but my resume is going to look fabulous!  In the meantime, we have my oldest son's graduation and my youngest son's battle with an extreme anxiety disorder.  Life is getting in the way!!  

I am blessed to be on three design teams that I adore.  I love the people, the challenges and the product.  I hope that I am of some benefit to them - because they are truly important in my life. Sometimes you have to be "forced" to have fun and my design team commitments require me to sit down and craft.  I am committed to carving out time to craft.  It's my sanity check - and I bet you can all relate to that! And I still make time to browse blogs - typically as I'm falling asleep at night.  This cardmaking world is a fabulous place and I wish I were still living in it full-time!  But even part-time is worth it and I can honestly say that it makes me a better person to have this happy place! 


The arrows are Studio Calico Wood Veneer but I can't find the exact package to link it.  The dots that look like gems by each sentiment are actually Silver Nailheads by Mark Richards - I can't find them either.  Sorry!

Stop by the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Travel On for the challenge details and to play along with us!


  1. A wonderful card, Kim! Love the sentiments and the wood arrows! I'll keep your son in thought and prayer!:-)

  2. Thinking of you Kim while you go through all the changes! My son will be leaving for NYC to go to school in August, a smidge away from Washington State so I know how you feel.

    Your card is wonderful. Love the inlaid sentiments and the veneers teamed up with the embossed woodgrain!

  3. Cute card, Kim! I love the wood arrows with the woodgrain background. As a former accountant, I know that "issues" are never fun and usually involve lots of extra stress. And thinking about my son, who is currently a Sophomore, going to college that far away makes me stressed too. I'm glad you're making time to craft, and I hope it does give you some stress relief instead of added stress to meet your deadlines.

  4. Love the words with the arrows! Excited to be joining the team. I am an accountant! We need our creative time!

  5. Fantastic design Kim. Love those words with the chevron papers and the arrows. Very modern.

  6. Sounds like mama could use prayers too, you got it!! Perfect card for this theme Kim, love it!

  7. Kim, your clean designs are always inspiring! Yes, the papercrafting community is vital for my sanity as well. Working full time and creating for 3 design teams sometimes stretches me a bit with my time, but it's so worth it for the friendships that come with it! Hugs and prayers for you and your boys! Life isn't always a smooth road.

  8. Kim this is fantastic and a great perspective on the challenge! Good luck to your son, I know it is very far but you have taught him well and he will be fine! My DD graduating too this year. She has not made her final decision and has until June 1 to decide. Dad and I have given her a deadline of May 1. She assures me she will have a final decision by bedtime!~ Ugh!

  9. This card is fantastic - the stripes and the texture are so striking! I hope things settle down for you soon. Hugs.

  10. Love the veneer arrows :) Such a wonderful card!

    Sorry to hear your son will be so far daughter graduates next year and my heart is already breaking at the thought of her maybe being in Alberta. Though only a province over it is too far away for this mama...but glad he has found a place he feels comfortable at.

    Sounds like you plate is very full - I can relate!! Hugest of ((hugs)) to you - just wish I was closer so I could give you one in person. Hang in there and well done making space for crafting - I am doing the exact same thing.

  11. Kim, what a touching post. Your son's decision to move far from home is, yes, heart-wrenching, but on the plus side: he feels 'comfortable' there. You and your husband's willingness to support this distant move is so important. He'll have a chance to spread his wings and fly. Who knows where this first step will lead. He's a courageous young man to explore possibilities; you're amazing parents to let him go. Your younger son's anxiety...I empathize deeply on many levels, having similar battles in my own life. Your volunteer work *will* land you a marvelous job in the future. Karma, Kim...good deeds are rewarded. Prayer and hugs coming your way for you to draw strength from and share with whoever needs them...the supply is endless! Your card: what else to say but: Perfect. Keep carving out time for your crafting whenever you can...we're here for you, part-time or full-time! Hugs!

  12. That's quite a blogpost! Life never gets in the way, life happens when you 're making other plans. You're so supportive for your sons! And your volunteer 'job' will look FAB on your resume indeed! But it's the motivation and will to be at your best in all you do that counts! Faith makes things possible, hope gives you strength to fulfill each task you're given and love makes everything beautiful.
    Your family is so blessed to have you as their mother and wife!
    Try to find joy in all that you do and make sure that you find now and than to craft. We sooo much love your cards and blogposts!
    Keep calm and craft and carry on! :-)
    And yes, I'll pray for your youngest son as well!
    Bye and a big Dutch Squeeze,



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