Monday, April 27, 2015

Taylored Expressions: Petal Pop-Ups 2 Die

In my home, I don't get sweet or elegant Mother's Day cards, my teenage boys and husband always go for the funny and sarcastic kind.  I don't ever make cards for them to give me - that would be making it way too easy for them. But if I did, the following card would be perfect.  (Except they would probably say "I turned out fabulous in spite of you!"

Petal Pop-Ups 2 for Mom

It's such a fun sentiment - I wanted it surrounded by bold and unique flowers.  These are the Petal Pop-Ups 2 die from Taylored Expressions.  There are three sizes as you can see from the big polka dot, the middle sizes and the smaller one on the orange flower.  I bent each petal to get tons of dimension.

Petal Pop-Ups Close-Up

Every once in awhile, I wish that I would get beautiful, sweet and elegant cards - but I wouldn't trade my loud, funny and goofy guys for anything.  I know they turned out fabulous!!



  1. Gorgeous!!!! I have to say I LOVE the funny cards my hubby and kids pick up for me...the funnier the better. And...I totally agree...I would NEVER let them give me one of my cards. I like knowing they are at a store reading a bunch of cards until they find the right's the effort.

  2. "In spite of you"..yes, I have a teenaged boy too..and that's it right there!

    I love this card, those dies are just fabulous and the colored flowers against the white embossed background..gorgeous!

  3. Such happy colors and such a sweet layout !

  4. So pretty, Kim! Love the floral bouquet you created atop the pretty embossed background!

  5. Adore the flowers and how the colours pop against the white :)

  6. TOTALLY adore this card!! The white embossing with that fabulous pop flowers-stunning!

  7. Hi Kim
    Fabulous cards ... Love the message.... And the Flowers...
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  8. Such a sweet card, Kim! Love all of those colorful and totally happy flowers!! And cute story about your guys too!!! They are so lucky to have you!!!!

  9. Love the message; love your vibrant, bold, gorgeous flowers! Yes, given what you've shared with us about your boys, they definitely turned out fabulous! How could they not: you're their mom!


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