Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Simon Says Stamp: Fairytale Collection

I love package tracking through UPS or USPS.  The words "out for delivery" totally makes my day!  I had a Simon Says Stamp package full of Stamptember fun scheduled to be delivered yesterday.  I watched the mail truck at my mailbox.  I waited a few minutes before I ran out to get the mail so I didn't look like a crazy woman.  Picture it: country road, long driveway, mailbox at end of driveway, woman in pajamas and sweatshirt with uncombed hair trotting to mailbox (I'm on vacation - I don't have to get dressed or comb my hair).  I got to the mailbox looked, looked again, no Simon Says package.  Seriously??!!  I should have run out when the mail truck was still there so I could have flagged it down and made them search their truck until they found my "out for delivery" package.  I looked scary enough to get it done!

Fast forward about ten hours.  I'm in bed, still in pajamas and uncombed hair.  I was browsing with my iPad and I glanced at the package tracking status just to see what kind of tracking update they added at the end of their day when they saw my poor lonely little package on the floor of their truck.  It said "delivered". Excuse me??!!  So - same mental picture as above - but add pitch dark, drizzle, and skunks lurking in every bush primed to take me down.  The package was there (and the skunks didn't find me).  God bless the postman who came all the way back down my country road!

I have lots of fun fall and winter stuff in the package - but first thing I did was stamp the inks.  This is their Fairytale collection.  I love Simon Says inks.  They stamp all blotchy and quite dark, but when you see them a few minutes later, they are smooth and beautiful!  These are five of the six new colors - Cobblestone didn't work on this card but it's a lovely gray/brown.

What's Up

My life would be complete if they came out with coordinating cardstock for these new colors.  What's up with that??

  • Stamps: Simon Says Talk Bubbles ("what's up?"), Card-Exchanging Friends (the banner)
  • Paper: Simon Says Soft Navy
  • Ink: Simon Says Goldenlocks, Coral Reef, Maliblue, Beanstalk Green, Caribbean Blue, Versamark
  • Accessories: Simon Says Hello die, Frames die (the thin inner frame), Fall Festival sequins


  1. Wow, I love those colours together, Kim - and I'm glad I'm not the only one to stalk my postman ;)

  2. Fantastic Kim!! I love the fun stamped banners. I would also have loved to see you in your PJ's looking for your mail!! Too funny!!

  3. Oh, Kim...you're so funny! Sounds like me...skunks and all! Stamptember is a killer for me...I never have treat money in September and their products ALL look so cute! I'm still wishing I could get the cute teacher/school stuff from last month and now--Stamptember!!! Sigh!

  4. I have a delightful mental picture of you in your jammies with uncombed hair :) Needless to say, I can relate LOL! Glad you got your delivery skunk free too :) Great card with the new goodies.

  5. What a way to finish my day...FUNNY story Kim and a FUN card!!

  6. Oh I absolutely love this card Kim. Your story was fun to read.

  7. Ha, ha, YES, I did picture you in payamas and uncombed hair including skunks lurking in the dark, ha, ha, that poor postman!!!!
    You really made my day with your story!! So very funny!
    You must be so enjoying yourself and yes it's always nice to track your package. It takes a little longer to get my PTI stuff all the way from the USA, but hey it's always worth waiting for! I'm always pleased to read that my package cleared customs in the Netherlands, than I know it'll only take about a day or two to find it's way to my house. I'm always grinning like a mad woman from ear to ear after receiving my package.
    Even my children and hubby tell me they know when I've received something crafty, ha, ha.
    OMGosh, I just can't stop laughing, I'm still picturing you running after the truck left without delivering your 'long-longed-for-package', ha, ha.
    Being a postman must be a dangerous job in the USA.
    BTW, love your card, ha,ha. the colors are very nice and I like your LO as well.
    This would also make a great masculine card!!
    Guys always say this and than they do this little nod with their head, sticking their chin up I imagine... :-)
    Men have a 'bodylanguage' of their own I suppose.



    ps. thanks for the story! I'm still grinning, ha, ha. :-)

  8. I'm still chuckling at your intro...

    What an awesome card...love how it turned out and yay for new goodies!

  9. Your little stories always crack me up!! Love the design!!!

  10. Ha! So glad you battled the dark, the drizzle and the skunks to go after your package. What a cool graphic card. And I'm glad to hear how well the SSS inks are. That's information I'll file away as I continue my quest for the perfect ink!

  11. Funny story, Kim, and I can imagine it because my husband left late one night to get his "Autotrader" from the 7/11 and hollered through the open window
    "I think I see a skunk. If you smell it, close the window." It was a black and white cat. Love the simplicity of your card and the new colors.

  12. This was so funny to read!! I say next time you lay in wait for the postman and capture him till he hands over the package, and then release him...hopefully he will come back again.... Waiting for crafting goodies takes such patience, of which I have none!!

  13. I do that all the time stalking the mail man :) he often gets to hand deliver it to me Lol :) ur card is awesome! I like these inks too !

  14. Oh, the image of you, hair tousled and pj-clad, rummaging through the darkness, dodging 'possible' skunks, had me laughing outloud! Fabulous story - and yes, applauding the delivery guy for returning with your treasure! Your card: sheer delight! So much fun to play with new goodies (or 'old' new goods, as the case may be....)


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