Friday, September 19, 2014

Catered Crop: Good Medicine

It's time for a new challenge at Catered Crop: Good Medicine.  A thoughtful "get well" or "thinking of you" is definitely good medicine!!

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.
“There there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”
~ A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I try to keep a stash of get well cards ready to go because knowing that someone cares really is good medicine.  Get well cards can be difficult - in fact I've never loved the phrase "get well".  It seems so demanding.  These cards could be bright and cheerful or they could be funny, but you always have to be careful to know the recipient's situation. In the case of this card, it is destined for an elderly friend who probably isn't going to feel much better - so I kept it soft and sweet.  Just a note that I really do care.

Feel Better

As usual, Linda at Catered Crop has curate a Pinterest board of inspiration.  Here's a quick peek:

Then next Sunday, all the card from the design team and special guests will be gathered together at Catered Crop for a little more inspiration.  Hope you play along!

I got back two days ago from my mini-vacation and it was mostly wonderful!  Check out the spectacular scenery from some of the hikes that I did.

I also spent quite a bit of time sipping coffee at the local coffee shop and using their free Wi-Fi to keep up on all of your blogs.

We have a tiny, little condo in Frisco Colorado.  About 12 years ago, we had decided to buy a new home in Parker to move out of our tiny little house.  But I kept feeling sick to my stomach at the change in the mortgage payment because we have owned our current home for 25 years and the mortgage payment is wonderfully reasonable.  So instead of a bigger home, we bought this condo in Frisco.  I now have two teeny tiny little places!  One thing about the condo is both good and bad - it's old (at least for a condo). This is good because it was built before the ski industry became a high-end, slick sport and condos became high-end and expensive.  It's also good because with the wooden siding, etc. it feels like a mountain condo. There are beautiful condos up there with much more space than we have, but they feel like being in a city. The picture of the fall colors above was taken about 1/2 a mile from the condo.

The bad side of this is that the appliances are old and wildly out of date.  I'm actually irrationally scared of the oven because it's just a little dark hole - I can't explain it, I just always feel like something creepy is going to pop out, or my food is going to get sucked into the black hole.  The dishwasher hasn't worked in years and it is actually taped shut with a big warning sign for any guests because when it quit working, we just closed it and it really smells bad!

Long story short - on my last day, new appliances were delivered, but my husband's and my fear of home improvements was confirmed.  We are really, really bad at it. First came the refrigerator which we thought we had carefully measured.  Turns out we had measured the width, but not the depth.  It sticks out an extra 4" which made a huge difference. They had to take out the window ledge and the floor boards just to squeeze it in - and now it sticks out clear to the window.  It's quite a hulking presence in the kitchen and makes the window look off-center (which I know all of you cardmakers will understand).  Apparently there are such things as "counter-depth" refrigerators, but even though they are smaller, they are double the price, so I'm going to have to live with this hulking presence.  (We try not to put much money into this place that gets used maybe once a month.)

Then came the stove.  As a very inexperienced home improvement person, I had no idea there were stand-alone and slide-in options.  I bought a stand-alone; I needed a slide-in.  So after battling the refrigerator and then bringing up the new stove, I made them take back the stove.  (Did I mention we are on the second floor?)  Just like with the counter-depth refrigerator, the slide-in range is almost double the price but I don't have a choice on this one.  

Needless to say, my Lowe's delivery guys walked out with six-packs of beer and a good tip!!  They were the most cheerful guys and they kept propping me up by reminding me that there were definitely worse things that could happen than appliances that didn't fit!! 

(The dishwasher is fabulous!)

Well that was a longer story than any of you cared about!!!  Here's the card recipe which is probably all that many of you cared about!
  • Stamps: My Favorite Things Get Well Wishes, Diagonal Stripes background (just on the corners)
  • Paper: My Favorite Things Grout Gray, Bubblegum, Sour Apple, Lemon Drop
  • Ink: Versamark, White
  • Accessories: My Favorite Things Gerbera Daisy die, Leaf-Filled Flourish (I did cut this into three pieces and spread it out behind the flower so it fit around the sentiment)


  1. I love the flower on your pretty card and really need to get that one!! Sounds like an adventure with your appliances and the Lowes guys sound like good sports!

  2. Darling card and that maple tree shot is stunning! Have been to Snowmass once but to ski and can just imagine the beauty of the area in the Fall.

    Had to giggle because at one point in time we had an avocado coloured fridge too LOL! Glad the appliance issue has somewhat solved itself ;)

  3. I totally loved your story, Kim! Your condo does look rather adorable, and the scenery certainly is breath-taking. We live in a teeny townhouse (complete with MAJOR mortgage...grrr), that is in need of renos which we're slowly, slowly picking away at. New counter top and dish washer so far (nearly 1.5 years ago...); had a window guy in this week and a tile guy on Monday. New lighting is next, and in the 'perfect world' painting and new baseboards would be next. We are so not 'handy people' so $$ has to be spent (I'd rather invest in crafting stuff *grin). Anyway, your 'improvements' look awesome...and so does your card!!

  4. OK, next time you're having a get-away I'm hoppin' on a plane and coming to join you! I'm so envious... a little getaway retreat sounds marvelous!

    LOVE the sweet card, too! I agree... get well is sometimes just not the right sentiment.

  5. Ha, ha, Oh this could 've happened to us too.
    yes, you did a good job on your card which is FAB btw, and ah well it isn't the place you have to stay in all week, and everything works, even the dishwasher, so try to see it from the bright sight. Things could be a lot worse! Nice guys btw!
    The scenery looks gorgeous, love the fall leaves/ colors, the mountainview, wow! The Netherlands is sooooooo very FLAT!
    Mountains always help me to see what's really important in life.
    Being humble and grateful are two of them! Ha, ha.


    ps. forgot to mention your thoughtfullnes of the situation of the recipient of your feeling better cards. That way they'll appreciate your cards even more, that makes it so personal and very thoughtful. :-)
    Very sweet of you.

  6. Beautiful card and beautiful scenery pics!!

  7. That cheerful pink flower will make anyone feel better, Kims! Beautiful card!! I too like "feel better" better than "get well."

    Thank you for sharing photos from your solo mini-vacay! Looks like you had gorgeous weather!! I'm sorry you had a hassle with the appliances, but it has to be so awesome now to be able to use the stove and dishwasher! (Why DO they charge more for smaller apartment-size appliances??!) Hugs, Darnell

  8. What a gorgeous card and photos!!! :)

  9. Your condo sounds heavenly. And you card is perfection. So sweet!

  10. Ha ha ha! Sorry ... I had to laugh because we did the same thing with our new fridge in our recent kitchen mini-Reno! So ... Not it is sitting at the end of my dining ... Instead of in the space it was meant to go in! I now have an appliance shelf & space for a recycling bin where the old fridge used to be! I did giggle at your story! I am sure you will love all your new appliances in time! I doLove my new fridge & wall oven. Gorgeous card, Kim! Hugs xxxHugs xxx

  11. I'm with you on the "get well" sentiments, Kim. Sometimes there is no getting "well" so I like other options. I like your "feel better" next to that wonderful flower and flourishy leaves.

  12. This card is adorable!! I have been making Get Well cards for the last few weeks. Not sure why but I have been in the mood. LOVE the flower and your background. You rocked this card!!

    As for home improvements, I can understand where you are coming from. My husband knows what he id doing, though, thank goodness. I DO NOT and have bought more things that don't fit then I care to admit. We need a counter width fridge too but are waiting on it because they are so darn expensive. You would think they would be cheaper because they are smaller but no, they are more expensive. Not sure where the sense is in that.

    Your photos are STUNNING!! What a fabulous place to visit!!

  13. Kim, I adore your get well card and have to thank you for steering me to discover the Catered Crop blog! I'm joining in the fun, thanks to you!

    Your pictures are beautiful and your story made me laugh. I have counter-depth appliances, and yes they are more expensive but worth it if you have a small space! Good luck with it all...what beautiful scenery!

  14. Loved you share about your little piece of heaven! I love the small condo, the beautiful views and the coffee shop! My husband and I can totally relate to NOT being a DIY home improvement couple. Glad it all turned out well!

  15. Beautiful card and flower, always so crisp and clean. Loved your fall photos and condo story. Love the Lowe’s guys they are very smart! How wonderful to have a get a way place. We almost did that before our move here 15 years ago. Thanks for sharing Kim .

  16. Oohhh, I feel for ya. But considering that breathtaking scenery, methinks the positives win!


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