Saturday, April 7, 2012

I took a class!!!

I took a class at Archiver's yesterday.  I NEVER take take classes.  It's not that I know everything.  But in my own craft corner, I am surrounded by all of my favorite things and if I hear about a new technique - I can always find it online somewhere.  But Archiver's has had this display of cards and I just couldn't figure out how it was all done.  They are just lovely!  (FYI - these are not my designs - they from Archiver's.  I made them slightly differently as Archiver's had quite a few more embellies on each one and I didn't want to hide the beautiful techniques.)

Here's the card that sent me running to the class - such beautiful colors!

DSC_0095 ed

And there is a subtle sparkle to each of them.

DSC_0097 ed

This one uses embossing and Tim Holtz distress stain...

DSC_0099 ed

This one uses both of the above techniques - the background is embossed and stain is rubbed over the whole thing - and the butterfly is the same colors as the tulips...

DSC_0100 ed

And this one is a quick and simple with the sparkle...

DSC_0103 ed

I am sure that I will be using these techniques on future upcoming cards that I create (because, of course, I had to make sure that I had all of the tools and powders to do it!!) and I'll explain it all a little then!


  1. Wow, it was a productive class! Gorgeous cards, and they look like a lot of fun to make. I'm just mildly jealous, because I'd be happy to just be able to VISIT Archivers, let alone take a class! We don't have Archivers, or Michaels, in Australia :(

  2. These are beautiful Kim, I can really see the shimmer and I particularly love the tulips and the butterfly stamp. Gorgeous! xx

  3. WOW Kim I;d say you didnt; need to take a class!
    These are Super FAB


  4. I can see why you took the class! These really are stunning especially that first one.

  5. Gorgeous cards Kim - can't wait to see your design take on the techniques. :)

  6. Oh my! These are stunning! Is the class still running? I have never heard of Archives before ... do you have a link??? Hugs xxx


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