Saturday, November 16, 2013

Merry Monday: Deck the Halls

I am having one of those weeks.  Thank goodness I had pre-done most of my posts for this past week, because I was in no mood (or health) to deal with them!!

First, my kids coughed throughout last weekend and, even with extreme precautions on my part, it's my turn.  Apparently Colorado is in the middle of a whooping cough epidemic.  I don't know if that's what we have but it's a cough that's deep and nothing seems to help.  On Wednesday, my son's high school had their highest absence rate in their history.  The very worst part of it was that I missed a gathering of my favorite Colorado crafters.  I was planning to go until my husband gave me that look and asked if I thought the crafting group would ever forgive me if I spent the time coughing on them.

Second, the good news is that my husband is painting my bathroom and hallways (WAY overdue!)  We are having a large gathering of friends in my home next Tuesday and the house needs to shine.  (My house isn't a shiny kind of house so it takes a lot of work!)  I am sitting downstairs, coughing, being upset that I wasn't crafting with my friends, when I hear a thump, thump, thump and then extreme swearing coming from upstairs (very rare with my husband).  I cautiously went upstairs to check it out, and I see paint everywhere. The paint tray had slipped off, bounced down all the carpeted stairs, spewing paint everywhere, and landed upside down on the freshly shampooed family room carpet.  Bummer.  (I think I should have gone to cough on my crafting friends because I ended up scrubbing carpets!)

The final straw was our attempt to make the outside walkway look a little nicer (in advance of the Tuesday party).  We live in the country and anything we plant gets eaten by deer and rabbits.  Plus we have a dog that digs.  So the front walkway, with its supposed landscaping, has begun to look just a little trashy.  We decided to do a xeriscaped rock-garden.  Clearly, the whole xeriscaping part isn't going to happen before Tuesday - but since our guests are coming after dark, we thought some rocks and mulch and a couple of miniature pines would make it look like it would be a beautiful garden in the spring.  We spent two hours at a landscaping materials place (never, ever go rock-shopping with a geologist).  We finally picked a one ton palette of boulders.  Not small rocks - but boulders!  They weighed it, we paid for it, then it occured to us to ask when they could deliver.  Guess what?  Their truck is out of commission.  So guess what is in the back of my Suburban waiting for my men/boys to wake up and deal with this morning - half a ton of boulders - we'll get the other half on Monday!

Are you bored with my drama yet?  I'm so glad my life isn't boring - it seems to change daily - but I am blessed by the fact that every little drama is something on which I can look back and laugh!

If you've made it this far in my story - say a little prayer for my Tuesday gathering.  A church in trouble, so much so that many long-term members including my family had left. After a year many are still feeling hurt and lost, now a new interim pastor with a sincere desire to meet those who left - thus the gathering at my home.  We will need prayers.

Now...for what everybody really comes here for - a card!  Here's my attempt at this week's Merry Monday challenge.  There were a lot of requirements on this one and I carefully checked them off as I went - stripes, red and chocolate, stars or hearts.  Whew!

Deck the Halls

I realized a few weeks ago that I had absolutely no ornament dies.  I looked around and found this set just called Christmas Ornaments from My Favorite Things.  It has a coordinating stamp set too but I just got the dies.  They come with toppers and other decorations like holly, poinsettia and a little tag.  They are a good size - you can see how nicely three ornaments work on this card.

Since I was using My Favorite Things dies, I pulled out some NBUS sets - the newly released Cheerful Christmas Greetings for the sentiment, then I saw the row of stars in another Christmas set LLD Holiday Subway Art (I'm not sure inking up just the row of stars qualifies as truly using Never-Before-Used-Schtuff so you'll be seeing this set again!)

I have most definitely typed enough (can you tell that I'm avoiding the cleaning in front of me the next few days!)  Thanks for making it to the bottom.
  • Stamps: My Favorite Things Christmas Greetings, LLD Holiday Subway Art
  • Paper: Papertrey Dark Chocolate, Stampin' Up Poppy Parade, Bo Bunny Elf Magic stripe, shiny silver and gold from my stash
  • Ink: Papertrey Dark Chocolate, Stampin' Up Poppy Parade
  • Accessories: My Favorite Things Ornament dies, Hemptique white twine, Studio Calico Sequin Stars


  1. Oh you poor thing what a calamity sorry!
    Love you card!

  2. Sorry your week has been so awful! I think I would have done serious damage if I had paint fall over the carpet - eek! I'm in Colorado too - keep that whooping cough down there...we just finished with a stomach virus and the kids really can't afford to miss any more school!

    I do love your card, as always!

  3. Whew, what a week!!! I was cringing when I was reading the part about the paint!!! Good grief!!! Awesome, perfectly clean and crisp card - I just love your style!

  4. Oh Kim....HUGEST of cyber ((HUGS)) to you!! I hate those kinds of weeks - yes I have had many just like them. Though I must admit I did LOL at your comment about never going rock shopping with a geologist. I remember when hubby got three large rocks for our front shale rock flower bed we were building - they weighed a ton and they were the largest he could carry.

    My heart can SO SO relate to the meeting you are having. The church we recently left with much pain (just a few months ago) has had similar issues. I have met with Board members, pastors and leadership lay people about issues that need to be addressed, and the former pastor destroyed a few staff members who are still deeply, deeply wounded.

    Needless to say, leadership won't listen and oh how I thank God for that wonderful interim pastor of yours who wants to work on things as that is my heart's cry for our old church!!! Have already said a prayer for him and your meeting. May God's grace and love fill your home and may healing occur. Please fill me in on how it went as this is so near and dear to my heart and I SO wish it for the church we left (sadly, my family were one of the founding members too...)

  5. Hi Kim!! Long time no talk to. Sorry to hear about all of your drama's, but as you rightly said, you can laugh in the long term. I sincerely hope your cough has gone now too.
    Love the browns and reds you chose to make your card in. A nice alternative to the usual green and red. TFS and feel better soon ♥

  6. Since you have had so much drama this week, next week will be calmer!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your card! It's perfect!

  7. Wow, what a busy and eventful week. I hope all goes well at your meeting and that things can work again for your church. Your card is delightful, love the way you incorporated all the "challenge requirements". Beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous card...sorry to hear about your week...when it rains it truly pours. I would have cried with paint all over the rug! I'm a retired RN(did so early to stay home with the kids)...Over the counter codeine cough syrup works wonders on a non productive cough.(a cough that is just irritating...non coughing up anything)

  9. So sorry to hear about your drama filled week and the situation with your church. I think a lot of churches have had similar situations. I will say a prayer for your meeting and for your church. God Bless.
    Your card is lovely. I like how you did the ornaments and stars.

  10. Well bless your little have had a rough way to go ~ holy smokes!! Take care and keep your chin up, I'll keep you in my prayers. PRETTY PRETTY card by the way!

  11. What a week. It seems once things go downhill they just keep speeding along. I'm sure those coming to the meeting won't be concerned with the state of your house. I'm so encouraged to hear that the new pastor is trying to work on things. I am part of a group from my church (we are not in trouble, just trying to revitalize) who are in a program to do just that. One of the required readings is a book called "Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times" by Peter L. Steinke. It has a lot of good information in it. Meanwhile, I'll be praying for resolution and healing for you, the pastor, and the congregation.

    Your card is lovely. You put all those elements together perfectly.

  12. Wow, what a week! Good thing you have a sense of humor and a loving Lord to give you strength. And matching walls and carpet My week involved people dying (as in die-ing) one of whom was a good friend who is rejoicing with all the other saints in Heaven now.

    We finally have a new pastor (the one I make cards for that I post on my blog) and he is a gem. It took several years, during which many people left the congregation. I really think the Lord was weeding it out, and now it's starting to grow again. As I used to tell my daughter when she was little, "Patience is a virtue worth waiting for.".

    Hope all the coughs in your family are over with soon and glad it didn't happen closer to the holidays. As for the boulders, I guess they're appropriate for someone living in a state with a big city by that name! At least the deer won't bother with them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Resilience must be your second name, Kim ... what a week you had. I do hope all goes well on Tuesday ... will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Your card is, as ever, simply fabulous ... Anita :)

  14. I thought I'd had a rough week, but now I realize that I had a picnic! I pray that next week will be much better for you, Kim. You've hit all the required elements beautifully! Thanks for sharing this beautiful card with us at Merry Monday!

  15. Oh my . . . what a week. Most importantly I hope you and your family are feeling better. If anyone can lift some broken spirits, you can. I'm sure your Tuesday group of friends will appreciate you and all your efforts. Oh yeah, this card is stunning - and delicious! xxoo

  16. Oh my...I feel your pain on MANY levels! The paint spill (been there, done that)...a cough that won't quit (I had a wicked cough 2 years ago that would only be tamed by prescription cough syrup with codeine; over the counter stuff did nothing!), and the church split. It still makes me sick that we lost so many families because of a tug of war leadership issue many years ago. Praying this will be a healing time for your group ( and for your cough - lol!). BTW, I love your card - lol! ((HUGS))

  17. Poor Kim ~ your week sounds like you went from one frustrating situation to another! From the cough, to the paint clean up, to the 'rock shopping with a geologist (I confess I laughed at that), to the sprucing up tasks, your week has certainly taxed your energy! I'm so sorry to hear about your church situation; I believe your willingness to meet with the new pastor will prove fruitful. Prayers definitely heading your way, for healing, guidance and peace. In the midst of all this, the beauty of your card becomes all the more apparent! The colours are stunning and the sentiment: wow! Gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better, and please let us know how the meeting turns out! We all care about you - deeply! Hugs~c

  18. Good Lord, Kim, what a week! I'm sorry you had such a bad go of it;I do hope things are better next week! Love your card,too!;)♥

  19. Your card is a delight so no problem there....but as for the rest of your week - wow! Hope you are feeling better....the pediatrician said I had to get a whooping cough shot before I could babysit my granddaughter. Seems like there have been a lot of cases in NY as well. Hope your Tuesday meeting goes well also!

  20. Gorgeous card Kim!! Hope all is back to "normal" and everyone feeling much better soonest! Thoughts of you for Tuesday too :)

  21. Phew Kim! After such a dramatic week you still have the presence of mind to make a beautiful card. The ornaments are stunning. Thank you so much for joining us at Merry Monday. Prayers and hugs.

  22. Oh, my goodness, girlfriend, no wonder I haven't heard from you lately! My heart really does go out to you and I applaud your ability to keep your sense of humor!

    I will add you to my prayers for all that you mentioned, mostly that you and the family recover fully from the crud!

    I can see from your glorious card that your talent certainly has suffered any ill affects! It's fabulous and, yes, if it's not seen ink before, it's NBUS!

    Good luck, Tuesday! Remember the manger was in a stable and don't kill yourself fixing/cleaning!!

    Hugs, Darnell

  23. Ha, ha, ha, you should see the huge smile on my face, ha, ha.
    You're so funny, well the dramapart isn't funny, but then again life is too short to worry over everything!
    I can soooooo relate to having a house like that and I'll honestly admit that cleaning up our house is a never ending thing having teens and a husband who's easygoing concerning cleaning up the house, ha, ha.
    That's probably the reason why I do most of my crafting at night when I should be in my bed to have a well earned sleep, ha, ha. :-)
    And I'll try not to forget to pray for all of you on tuesday!!
    Never mind the garden, that's an endless thing too, ha, ha.
    The trouble with having people over at your own house, you always
    take a close look at it through THEIR eyes, well I try to stop doing that, because it's OUR house, ha, ha.
    So be yourself and just make them feel at home!
    You'll do just fine!


    Ps. BTW, your card is great with all the stars and colors etc!

  24. Kim, oh my goodness, what a story! It seems when it rains it pits, right? So healthy to keep a good sense of humor about it have a light heart which makes a huge difference! I do hope you are feeling better with each day and that your gathering on Tuesday is filled with positive spirit.

    What amazes me so much is that, despite not feeling well and having so many other things on your plate at the moment, you make the most amazing cards!!!! You never cease to wow me, and this festive Christmas card is no exception!

    Thinking of you in a special way this week.

  25. Goodness, that is a busy and eventful week. I hope your meeting on Tuesday goes well and that the boulders look fabulous. Get well to you and your family. Your card is fantastic Kim, Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday.

  26. Wow...things have been tough for you...I sure hope things settle down. Your card BTW is the clean look of it! HUGS!

  27. As always total perfection, love your card Kim. Hope your life and health is normal soon. Take care! hugs Sue

  28. Kim I love that you see the blessings in all this! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Yes I see you are avoiding all the work ....bad timing should rest and just make cards :)
    I have a paint story kinda like yours. Too long..
    I remember you talking about problems at your church before....hope it all works out! ornaments! I only have a few.
    Love your card and the way the ornaments hang . The striped paper is gorgeous!


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