Sunday, October 27, 2013


phew [fjuː]
an exclamation of relief, surprise, disbelief, weariness, etc.

Marching band season - done.

You may not understand how much effort a high school marching band puts in.  Typically 16 hours of practice during school weeks and full days for weeks in the summer and even during fall break.  Sadly, they did not end as well as they had hoped.  Based on who they had beaten in earlier competitions, they had hoped for 5th, but they got 10th.  10th in the entire state is very, very good but my children don't see it that way (and it didn't help that it was just a couple of judges that marked them way down - other judges liked them).  It was heartbreaking seeing my 6'4" teenager huddled with the group just sobbing  (after they had proudly and coolly left the stadium).  My youngest wasn't too upset, but he has played competitive sports for years and I think he's grasped the concept of losing.

Finals project #1 - done.
Finals project #2 - done.

I am actually back as a full-time college student getting my second degree.  It's a program that offers two classes for two months and my current classes ended today.  I actually submitted my papers Friday morning so I could enjoy state marching band competition.

Fall break for me - just starting!!

For some reason, my college program has a two-week break at the beginning of November and then doesn't have a break over Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Figure that out???

Today - Denver Broncos football!!  Beer!!  Tacos in a bag (don't ask!)



  1. Congrats on finishing your finals! I admire so much your motivation and dedication! Although your sons are disappointed, and feel let down after all of their hard work, they should be SO proud of themselves for giving it their all - that's truly all that matters! All that over - Phew is right! Fantastic card - enjoy the game, your beer and your tacos in a bag!!!

  2. I can't just see your amazing Phew from here, Kim (which is stunning) ... your relief is audible! Time for some quiet time ... or not, seeing as you're watching the football! Anita :)

  3. Love the card! Clean, simple and just fab! Sorry your boys were disappointed, but I think 10th in the State is a fantastic achievement. Congrats on getting your projects done - enjoy your break!

  4. Oh,'re killing me! It's late...everyone else is in bed...and I can only imagine the disappointment...I just know right where they're at, darn it! I sure will be thinkin' about ya! I'm glad you have a little break to look forward deserve it! I LOVE this card!!! (We perform somewhere around 10:00 this coming Saturday at STATE!;) Fun and busy week ahead!)

  5. You are one busy mom!! So sorry to hear about their placement but a big congrats on being 10th in the state!! Great card too! Enjoy your 2 week break :)

  6. Glad you will be able to relax a little bit now that the band competition is over and you have a break. You are one busy bee mom! I admire you for going back to school! I don't think I could do it... super cute card... love the colorful letters.

  7. Aw, sheet, Kims, your post brought tears to my eyes. Competitions are so good for developing lots of emotional muscles, but darn they can be so hard. Your card says it all!! Hugs all around! Darnell

  8. Oh my - I could feel your boys' disappointment through your post. Even thought 10th is a more than honourable standing, their heart was set on 5th. Oh, how I empathize with their disappointment. You're an amazing, supportive, encouraging mom, so I know you'll find ways to buoy their spirits and see them smiling again! Congrats on your accomplishments with your program; so inspiring that you're pursuing new directions and challenging yourself in such a fashion. Your card - well, PHEW says it all - accomplishment, some disappointment, some whirlwind traveling, some intense training - sounds like everyone in your house needs a break!! Thanks for sharing this post with us - and let your boys know they have a fan in Canada who's really proud of them!!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this!!! every single detail is perfect!

  10. Phew, indeed! But such a cheerful looking phew! I don't know how you do it! Keeping up with teens is a full time job in itself!

  11. You are a busy busy lady, Kim!!! Congrats on finishing your final projects, and I hope you enjoy your Fall break! And congrats to your kiddos, too! I think tenth in the state is something to be very proud of!!

  12. Wow...what a weekend you all had, so much work and time put into what your boys do, it will off pay off one day and I am sure sooner than later. What a sweet mom you are too, fabulous card.


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